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Hello Olinda Smile
I'm a Power Seller As far as I know you can list any used items on eBay, dirty or not, as long as you disclose that in the listing. I've seen a few listings with "well worn, with spots to prove it, party dress for sale", "Mike Ditka vintage sweater, holes and paint marks all over"... And the format doesn't matter. Just be honest and someone might be interested. Good luck selling!
There is new legislation that goes into effect in Feb. Under this law, children's items including toys, bedding, furniture, clothing can not be sold unless it is tested for lead content. However, it has come out now that reseller's can sell clothing if it has been cleaned according to manufacturer's instructions and used toys must not be on recalled lists or likely to contain lead. There was a big stir over this putting people out of business and even charity resale shops in jeopardy due to high cost of testing. Last I heard or read common sense prevailed and it is mainly new manufacturers that the law is aimed at. This is my understanding of it. Here are some links my daughter sent me regarding this:,0,2083247.story. (about the original law),674020.shtml (clarification of the law)
This may be at the root of your question.

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