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I have noticed numerous times on the Sales Page and not asked, does anyone else notice that some of the items show up twice. Once with a Dollar Bill Icon and Then under that With a Truck Icon. Obviously, I know what they mean, but wonder if they show up twice for some items and once for others or is it just my account. Does not seem to be consistent that it shows up different. A couple of times I thought I had sold 2 of an item realizing it was repeated item.

Thanks for any input on this, as it could be I am only one wondering this.

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Hi lookandbuyme,

Thanks for helping to bring this issue to our attention. The duplications you have noticed are occurring due to a known issue with the Sales page that is impacting certain items in several different accounts which is already being investigated. We currently expect to be able to resolve this problem later this year following some additional work needed on that page.

If you would like to be notified when this issue has been resolved, please let us know by filing a support case and we will be happy to do that for you.

= FIRST. . . Came back her to correct a typo and add something and that post from one of our valued forums post was deleted??? Was this deleted by person writing or by auctiva??? It was in between my note and the auctiva rep note and is no longer there???? Just curious, as the person who wrote I have never seen delete a post, he is usually thorough and specific in his notes and is one of 3 people who post here frequently and is a huge help to our community!!!


Now, this doubles showing on that page has been like that since new page started and I assumed it would be worked out so have not mentioned until I assumed it was not going to be dealt with at all unless bought up. Glad I do not use it much as it would drive me nuts.

Honestly... for us to constantly open support tickets for things that should be put on forums if it is addressed originally on forums is craziness and frankly a total waste of my time. Others may have same issue so all of us need to write in with same issue for support to send notices back to?? I am sorry but I have better things to do than write support and play tag game over and over only to be told I will be contacted later, which sometimes happens and other times does not.

I just looked and I have 7 yes 7 support tickets showing OPEN - INVESTIGATING.

Some of these are in 2011, 4 in Aug Sept 2011 and other 3 this year.

So tell me why the heck write support about a KNOWN issue?

Now you will ask DO YOU (meaning me) go back and follow those up? No I usually do not, WHY you ask? Because the ball is in Auctiva court at that point, they are supposed to follow up when they get information.

YES, quite a few have been answered....but just saying support is not the magic bullet in following up.

Also, since we now have to sign in we have to juggle between forum and support (or support/forum and our page that we have issue with) going back and forth to explain issue. I feel like I am truly juggling back & forth.
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Hi lookandbuyme,

Hello again. If you report a technical problem on our Community Forum, I (or another member of our staff) may very well reply to the thread to provide you with some additional details about the issue but, if the issue you have reported will require discussing specifics of your account or additional follow up down the road, it is best to file a support case.

If your intention when creating this thread was simply to make sure we are aware of this and/or check whether other sellers have noticed the same behavior, then there is no need to file a support request about the issue as well.

However, if you were to file a support case about this issue, we will associate the case with the issue in our tracking system and would then follow up with you through that case to let you know the issue has been addressed. Such updates would then be emailed to you as well as retained within your Auctiva account for easy access.

If a support case you have filed currently reflects a status of “Open – Investigating Support”, then we are not expecting any additional information from you about the issue at hand. If we need more information from you to pursue an issue further, then the status of the case should contain “Hold” and state that a solution has been proposed or that more details have been requested.

Finally, there were not any additional posts on this thread at the time I responded to you and I am not sure what became of the other post that you mentioned. Our moderators rarely delete posts so, unless it contained a blatant violation of our forum policies, it was likely deleted by the poster.

I'm sorry that you feel you have been juggling discussion of certain issues in two separate places, but I hope this information helps you understand what to expect when using these two different methods of communication.

It was your post, and it actually is what sparked me to even comment.

It was something about everyone having to write support and then support having to write everyone back why not just put it on forum. Your writing was much more refined than mine and seems to get to the point better.

It was my feeling to start, but figured I would stuff that feeling and leave it be, figuring it was just my thought. When you wrote I thought, it is not just me thinking this.
Any news on status of the duplicate items on sales page. This is going to get confusing during holidays (which will be here before we know it). I still see doubles and do a double take every single time. Frankly, I will not ever use auctiva to ship with doubles as I would be afraid I would accidentally think I had sold 2 of an item because it is shown twice and ship 2 of them rather than one.

I do not remember if I went in and asked support to respond back personally to me... and honestly have numerous support tickets open and sifting through them is time consuming.

Hi lookandbuyme,

We still intend to correct the issue that is causing some transactions to be duplicated on the Auctiva Sales page, but our ability to do so is tied to a relatively large project and there are a number of other pieces which will need to be completed before we can address that specific behavior. I am still unable to offer an estimate of when the issue will be resolved at this point, but we are making progress toward that goal.


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