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I have used the new listing page for saved listings just to see what it was like and frankly am not a fan so far at ALL!! Sorry. .

Question, are there any new features on this page that the old one does not have? Seems to be same things just different set up. Of course, since I am not a fan I have not spent HUGE amounts of time line by line checking for new features.

BIGGEST are you going to do away with the old? I frankly LOVE the old, especially the way the file colors go over entire listing rather than the spec that shows now. I have most of my colors memorized with folder name and makes relisting much easier for me.

I hope we will be able to stay with the old if we love it or go to new if one loves it.

If you tell me new features I will be more than happy to try it some more, but figure if it is same as old, no sense changing for same things.

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I agree. One thing I have asked for over the years and Auctiva has never added it is a "NOTES" field where the seller can notate anything they want (this would only be seen by the seller). This would benefit me so's hard to believe more people aren't screaming for this addition to our Saved Listings page. If you agree, let's keep asking!!
This has been on "TO DO" area in feature center for quite awhile along with a few other items that most would be great help and not total overhaul of system.

I had MUCH rather see small things fixed that totally new things that are basically duplicates of what we already have either in auctiva or elsewhere.

Here is a link asking about feature center "TO DO"s which appears to be abandoned by customers as well as auctiva. Quite a few of the items in the suggestion type area have been totally deleted. And TO DO list is just sitting there for months.

Maybe we need to start a SUGGESTION thread?
Butterflies, did not see, and frankly since it is being ignored did not spend tons of time muddling through the woods to find one. Maybe a new one that everyone adds comments to would be in order. Of course, if "FEATURE CENTER" was used this would not be necessary. But since name does not really say that is is actually SUGGESTION BOX most people do not use.

Auctiva, Are we trashing old SAVED LISTING page or keeping both???? Please do not ignore as we need to either plan to adjust to new or decide what direction we will go.

Thanks for response. Will the new one stay as is now or are changes going to be made.

i.e. specifically folder colors being very small (basically a spec compared to previous) and NO folder name at all??? Those are two HUGE issues I see with this. Something about the way new scrolling works is also strange compared with old, can't pinpoint exactly what it is but not like old one and not big on it.

Again as previously asked would like to know what new features are on here to benefit our selling that were not on old page??? Guess I am confused why if it ain't broken it is being fixed?

Question, are there any new features on this page that the old one does not have? Seems to be same things just different set up. Of course, since I am not a fan I have not spent HUGE amounts of time line by line checking for new features.

Thanks again for response.
thanks for absolutely nothing. The NEW page looks like Windows 7 with its pastel colors. Folks of my age need some contrast like the current pages are. What the heck was wrong with the old page? In 3 years when Windows 8 is out will you redo the page again to match Windows.

Paying a few more dollars and trying VENDIO is looking better and better and that's shame. But when things could be done to make clients lives easier we get a new saved page and more to come. Change for Changes sake is not progress

Ignoring all the constructive comments does not mean they do not exist and that some may even be accurate
Frankly, I have NOT EVER seen anyone even request a Saved Listing Page Change like the new one. I have seen people ask that notes section be added and that pop up for custom specifics be ditched and that it be on listing page and show in preview. Of which neither are on the new saved listing area.

I also like the contrast colors that are BOLD and easy to read AND the folder labels. . why were they removed? Guess we now have to guess if we put in correct folder?? This is craziness to the max. Apparently, either not tested or not thought out or both. I am all for changing for the better.. but have asked several times EXACTLY what changes were and have been ignored. I guess I should re-word. What is new in the new saved listing page that would make me want to use it??? What is NEW and IMPROVED???? Perhaps I am just noticing what I do not like and am overlooking the good features. Please enlighten me Auctiva.

There is no "focus group" needed, They have one here that is free to them, if someone would just listen! We actually are NOT paid for our opinions and we use the system and are ignored lately. This is NOT how it use to be! I have become extremely discouraged lately.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone there besides Rebecca uses the systems they overhaul.

ARG!!! Is all I have left!!
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I have not spent too much time on the new Saved Listing Page but what I have, I find it very small, does not scroll well and everything seems to be clumped together. I find it difficult to view correctly and organize..I much prefer the old FOLDER option and viewing. Lots of changing back and forth to see my listings. NOT A GOOD CHANGE in my opinion. It seems the new Saved Listings page is now the default when trying to look at my folders?????
GEEZ. . this new SAVED page is HORRIBLE!!! This may be the final straw for me once holidays are over. Auctiva, since you have heard complaints on it could you at least have waited until after holidays set this. It is pain to go through the new to get to the old each time to want to go to old page. Again, this just slows down listing process at a time when we are already having speed issues and right at holidays it the MOST dreadful time of year to implement ANY and I mean ANY new change.

Again, would LOVE to have answers to above posts asking specific questions. I would love to give this a fair stab. . but since I do not know what wonderful features this adds it is a little hard to look at it with LOVE!!

All I see is what I HATE. Obviously the person who came out with it must be under 35 and has great memory as well as eye sight.

Is there anyway to default this back to old at least until the slowness issues are resolved with auctiva site or until after holidays to make this change.

Thanks for your response.
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You would think they are owned by Ebay, change for the sake of change and usually for the worse. It would be really nice if they would leave the folder colors so they show up or do they not want anyone to stay with them. These changes on top of all the other problems are really starting to irk me and make me wonder if I should look for an alternative. Every time they do an update for new features or make changes, there are huge problems. I now have reallym no idea what folder my stuff is in anymore. It is ugly, and pathetic. I think they need a new design team that will work with the users instead of making changes to justify ridiculous salaries.
I guess everyone who lists is 20 and can see and LOVE change. "just for the sake of change" I am over 20 and find this new one hard on the eyes!! Also find it hard to hit the target and the scrolling, I can't possibly put into words!!!

Dutchman, IF you hoover, very, very, very carefully the file folder name may show up. Note I said may as I found what I thought was perfect hoover spot and did not work next time. So you have to get it right on a very small spot.

Just better hope your hand does not shake or you will miss it.. and please DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BLINK!! (or you have for sure missed it).

IF someone is using this and LOVES it please let us know what new good features are?? IF you are using and HATE it please post her also.. and put what you do not like so Auctiva can hear that there are more than a handful of us.

Auctiva, please let let us look at this in positive way and respond to previous questions specifically asking questions. Who knows.. we may LOVE it IF we can figure out why it was done and what it does to help us!! It looks as though the wheel as been reinvented as a TRIANGLE???

Thanks for response Auctiva. .

We are going to be fixing the issue with the folder colors--I agree, it is very hard to see what folders the listings are in with that small sliver of color. So, we are going change that aspect of the page back to the old way, and have the entire listing be shown with the folder color in the background. My eyes aren't what they used to be either, and when you're glancing through listings it's easy to miss that folder icon. We are getting this started now, but it'll take some time to get this changed (hopefully a couple weeks-- don't quote me on that--it's a bigger project than it appears to be, but I will let you know when it's done.)

Thanks for your input!
Rebecca.. I thought you had left there (ha!) Glad they had you try it out. I can assure you your eyes are much better than mine!! You are much younger than I am!! (SLIVER, that is word I have been looking for!)

Is there anyway they can default back to the old until this is finished. So that we do not have to go back each time, or at least through the holidays. I was STUNNED and SHOCKED when I saw it last night and realized that every single time I had to go back.

ONE thing I do like (so see I did try it). Is IF you are relisting from saved listings and type a name of item in search box and list it ZAP!! It lists fast as lightning!!

Also, please please have them look at the scrolling, I can't even pinpoint to put into words what it is that I hate on it!! But someone else commented about it also.

Thank you all for listening (reading). I know this is PITA when you do something that you think this is IT!! And get water thrown in the face.
I think I pinpointed the annoying scrolling issue in New saved Listing Page. It only scrolls a fraction of the page -- the enormous header stays put and so only 1/3 of the screen is being scrolled. I can't see but about 4 listings on the screen at one time. Please shrink the huge header at the top so more visibility is given to the listings rather than auctiva misc. Also there is plenty of room on the sides, please make our listings larger -- that would help on many levels.
PLEASE PLEASE do not do away with the old Saved pages - your tinkering is nuts and just does not work for many of us. Keep the old one and let us choose which one to use. Also the New Sales page is a little cuckoo as well - when doing a batch of items that were shipped and leaving feedback, etc. - have to keep refreshing the page so I can see what I am doing. Stop acting like eBay and making changes just to make changes. If it ain't broke don't fix it!
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