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Hi Community,

Due to our partial data migration last night, we are aware that some users no longer have all of their data, i.e. active listings, closed listings, and sales transactions, displayed in their Auctiva accounts. We will be completing this data migration, which is an essential step in our growth, over the next few days. All of your eBay data will be imported into your Auctiva account between today and, most likely, Saturday.

In the mean time, if you would like to change the empty window text that is displayed in your store window, you can do so at Auctiva -> Store(Tab) -> Store Window, by editing the "Empty Window Text" field and saving your changes. Once you have done this, the new text will be displayed in the store window in your active listings the next time it refreshes, which it does about every 2 hours.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience with regard to this matter.

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We were assured after all of the down time earlier this year that the problems were solved when the servers were relocated. The problems seem to be as bad as ever and the system is constantaly failing. Is there any hope that the problems will truly be resolved or is this what we should just learn to expect? I'm being barraged with emails again today regarding the store window problems and it costs us a great deal in terms of both time and money. I feel we've been patient but have a right to know what the honest probability is that we will ever receive reliable service. Could someone give me an HONEST and SINCERE response? I would truly appreciate it. Thanks.
The store windows have been down for over 12 hours now that I am aware of...maybe longer... and no update messages from you folks in hours. I have the sinking impression that you have all quit...gone home...and that there is no longer any thing called Auctiva. It has cost me over $100 today in missed sales, so for sure your services aren't cheap.
It would soothe my nerves a lot, if Mike or someone there, would just keep us updated on what in heck is going on.
Hello from a newbie.
I am not like a lot of you that are power sellers and have a lot of listings going all the time. When Ebay did the listing sale I did list more as everyone and their brother did. I also ran into problems with saving listings and loading pics.
I am not a patient person Wink but tried to remind myself that this had to be effecting everyone and that Auctiva was surely bogged down.
I do think Auctiva is a great service to use and hope that they do get the little tweeks fixed. When I do list on Ebay, it does make the whole process easier and I do like the templates. For being free, it is a great service. I do only hope they get things squared away. I can understand the frustration of the power sellers, it frustrates me as well.
Even though I don't do a lot of listing, I still do want what I do list to sell and can't count on that if I do not have any pics or any store window. The store was down again this morning, I assume during their maintenance.
I did put in my newer listings a little note that at times the pic srevice I use goes down and that if that happens, please send me an email and I will gladly send a pic. This way the buyers know that I did have a pic put in the listing and if they are interested, hopefully they will send an email.
Well keep plugging Auctiva. I do like your service. It is great, when it is works.
I'm a newly registered user and suffering the same problems as everyone else..
Here's my comments for what they are worth...

It's a free service so just be a bit more generous & don't expect perfection for nothing.
There are probably more reliable services out there if you want to pay?
(Having said that, I don't know what Auctiva get out of this. They must make money out of it somehow?)

I work in IT support and unfortunately sometimes maint. just has to be done. There's never a good time to suit everyone (especially in a global environment !)

On that note, support staff usually only get complaints and queries. Hardly anybody ever phones or mails to say everything's great ;-)

For the short period of time I saw the auctiva store working, it was great. I'm new on Ebay too and sort of wary about all their fees so getting all these extras including a load of pictures of my stock on each item listing is a real bonus.

Downtime is inevitable. If you asked somebody if they would be happy with say 95% availability (very reasonable I would say for a free service ?) then most people would say great ! That equates to over 8 hours a week downtime ?

Well that's all for now. Hope you get the gremlins out of the system.

I am also having trouble with my items being displayed. When clicking on my store the window says I have no items for sale. My store window shows it is being updated but my listings are ending soon, I updated my store window like you said on the message board, nothing has changed. When trying to view my active item listings it also states I have no items for sale. Well I do and would like to know why they are not showing up. Could someone please help. Thank You
At least most of you are getting a store window saying somthing my store windows have completly disaeared on all my listings... just a blank blue blob there now... So much for my new custoemr that gave me over a hundred things to list and he wants to see them... I usually tell them to go to the store window so i dont have to send them links to each and every listing..
The sad part is I was getting ready to pay for some of the other services offered... Now i am worried .....

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