Hi bluebirds15,

I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties you are experiencing.

I am also encountering the behavior you have described, and eventually a generic error message, when unchecking the “Show images in active listings.” option on the Image Selection page within your account, but I am uncertain what may be causing this at this time.

However, I confirmed that the issue has already been forwarded to our technical team for further investigation based on the support case you filed on the subject, and we will follow up with you again through that ticket once the issue has been address or any related information becomes available.

Unfortunately, I do not know of any way to work around the issue for the time being, except to refrain from unchecking the “Show images in active listings.” option.

I hope to have some more encouraging news for you soon!

It's the third day now that the problem is persisting, and all I have been hearing is automated responses from Auctiva. Is anyone else having this issue or just me again?
This problem keeps returning every month or two for a few days, much more than I can afford to lay idle for
"The entire site than freezes on me and refuses to allow me to choose photos for the listing."

This worked for me just now, it might work for ya or anyone else. I just signed out & then signed back in & it allowed me to choose my photos, i got my item listed, but auctiva still needs to fix the problem as scrolling through pics for items already listed is a pita, i would like to be able to check that box to make it easier
Hi bluebirds15 & pj,

I am pleased to report recently made some adjustments to help alleviate these errors, and I have found that I am now able to uncheck the "Show images in active listings." option on the Image Selection page within each of your accounts without any difficulties.

If you resume encountering errors of this nature again in the future, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we will look into things further. Thanks again for helping to bring this to our attention.


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