Anyone else having trouble with Auctiva not posting tonight?
I've tried a few different items tonight, and Auctiva goes through the usual process, but if I look at the scheduled page I get that it's Retrying and a time count down. Even when the time count down is through it is still not posted in eBay.
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I had three auctions shcheduled to post. all 3 failed. I tried to manually post one by myself. It failed. (Or at least it hasn't posted yet.) Something is wrong!
Me to, file a support request through help. I don't think auctiva has someone that watches the boards on the weekend. But I think they get notified of service requests.
I filed a support request too. If they are not going to post, that's fine. I just want to know so I can list them manually though ebay (a pain, but better than nothing).
Me Too. Does anyone know how to cancel scheduled listings. It says they are in process and won't let me cancel them. Now they are due to post twice, if they ever do. I set that stupid counter for every 10 minutes. I'll never do that again. Vanessa
I think that it the posting are really failing, it stops trying after a bit. They shouldn't post twice.
You're right. Almost all have now stopped trying to post. Doesn't look like it's working at all. The manual posts aren't working either.
I am now debating listing them all manually or waiting for Auctiva to get this fixed and list tomorrow.... Hmmm.....
Regi, They probably won't post. Mine have now said "Posting" for 27 minutes with one retry after 10 minutes and nothing.

Auctiva is usually pretty fast about responding to this sort of stuff, so I am going to cross my fingers and hope their tech people will be working on this soon.
It's the hurry up and wait game. Oh well... not a thing we can do but wait. Guess I'll get some others ready to post. Thanks. Regi
I am also having the same problem. Tried to relist manually. Getting the countdown 2 mins. remaining. Filed a Support Request Form. Hopefully this will be fixed pronto.
Last time this happened if you reposted they listed twice. 2 of mine have said posting for a while now but nothing is showing up.

Don't forget to file a service request. Again as you can see by the no response from auctiva, they don't alawys watch the boards on the weekend.
YES I'M HAVING PROBLEMS!! Nothing is showing up. It says "your auction is posted to ebay" but then I go to ebay and check on it....and nothing is there? What in the world is going on.

I was hoping to get 9 AUCTIONS UP! I'm really disappointed. Saturday is a day that we really need auctiva to work and work good!!


Originally posted by Whimsical Winds:

Anyone else having trouble with Auctiva not posting tonight?
I've tried a few different items tonight, and Auctiva goes through the usual process, but if I look at the scheduled page I get that it's Retrying and a time count down. Even when the time count down is through it is still not posted in eBay.
I listed 17 auctions tonight. The last 2 will not post to Ebay, no matter what I do. And it won't let me cancel them, it says they are posting. I need these aucitons to start but can't have them duplicated if I go to Ebay to list. What gives? Why can't we get answers on a weekend?
I am also having problems this evening. I have 12 ads scheduled to go and they are just sitting there, Posting is the message for the past hour.
Usually once Auctiva has tried to post your auctions twice (the original posting and the retry) and they both fail, that's it. The system will not continue to try to post the listing even though you are still seeing the status as "Posting". I think after an hour you are safe to manually put them on ebay.

Personally, I am going to write up a few more auctions and schedule them for tomorrow night. I am pretty sure this will be cleared up long before then! Smile
Well, it's the weekend. A response is probably going to take awhile. If you had filed a help request with ebay, you could be waiting days for a canned response. At least Auctiva's support people actually are helpful and get things done Smile
It's Sunday arvo here in Australia, we really need these to list tonight, tomorrow night will mean a Monday night finish...not good, the weekend finish works for me best Frown
Hi, I have a bunch too and thought it was me. I have 2 showing they are scheduled, yet when I posted them they said they were posted to ebay immediately. I had one early in the am and it posted twice all by itself. The rest are not posting at all. Also, Is anyone having a problem when trying to edit a pic before you post...like you can see your pic,then try to edit & its gone..but then you preview and its back??? Any help would be great. Thanks
My listings are not posting to eBay don't know what the problem is but could you please fix it!! Missing out on sales. Love Auctiva but do not like missing out on possible sales -- bids. Please HELP!!!!!Shows posted to eBay immediately then shows as posting (failure) HELP!!! We Love You BUT.........Do not like when it interferes with our liveleyhood....HELP!!! did I mention HELP!!!!
It's now fixed, wait aobut 30 mintues and if your items haven't posted it's safe to go ahead and post the ones that show as failed.

Listings before 11pm are safe to relist now. It's just ones past around 11:30pm-midnight that should be posting in the next 5 mintues and if they dont can be relisted.
Finally had some auctions post about 15 minutes ago.

Just found out that I haven't had ANY auctions post at all since 5pm PDT. Guess it'll be a quiet Sunday tomorrow.

THANKS Auctiva.. I needed a day off! Smile ('course, now it's going to cost me about $150 in missed profits for having hardly any auctions on Sunday, but hey... life goes on)

Could've been worse. My storage facility could've burned down. Then I wouldn't be selling for a whole week. Now it's just a day... Smile
Like the rest of you, I'm getting that oxymoronic message: "Your ad has been scheduled to immediately post." Mine have been "scheduled" but have not posted and have timed out. Reposting has produced the same results. This problem seems to occur from time to time on Auctiva, but we are never told why. It is especially annoy for me because I post in the morning from Asia so that my North American customers can view my postings back there in the evening.

I've also noticed intermittent failure of images to load and/or open on my listings.

Yes, of course, I've filed a support request, but what we need from Auctiva is a global fix to this problem so that it does not continue to occur off and on, unpredictably (for the users, that is). Amen.
This aint so good. Had 42 failed listings out of 120 scheduled. It is too late now as the sheduled finish time has gone. Still it is difficult to moan about a free service but this week my income will take a dive.
Everyone needs to remember how long this these listings would have taken to create and post with Ebay or Turbo Lister, and how much more you would be spending for images, templates and scheduling.

I still am very appreciative of all the free stuff Auctiva offers and all the time savings. A few hours of being down is nothing by comparison.

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