This is what I sent to help support. Soliciting advise from all. Have to find a way to correct the time issues.
Please help me with these problems:
1. Old problem existing since installation of new editor - When I create similar, it takes 17 seconds to open listing. It then takes another 11 seconds to open “Full Size Editor” so I can begin to change the description. This is the only place I have found to edit the description so that it can be saved correctly. It went lickety split before the installation of the new editor. #1 is long standing and I was hoping the server change would eliminate it, but it has not. Time is critical for those of us with stores. I am barely able to keep up using Auctiva. I do want to continue but I also need to expand.
2. New problem since server move: When I create similar, it will sometimes not let me go to “Full size editor” . You can go to “text” but not back to “Full size editor” In this same mode, it will let me remove current pic, but will not allow me to go to browse to pick a new one. If I go to the bottom and click on save, it will allow me to edit the same one and will work on the second try. This scenario happens every other time and I am only successful at creating similar every other try. I’m sure this problem is just something that needs tweaking.
Please let me know if I haven’t been clear. Cache cleared late last night.
Please advise as soon as is possible with direct answers.
Thanks for your time
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This may not be your problem - But - over the last couple of weeks my computer kept runing slower and slower almost to the point of not running. Low and behold after running every imaginable virus and spyware program, defraging the hard drive, deleting old pics, defraging again, cleaning the cache all to no avail. I uninstalled my eBay toolbar and deleted the program file. Then ran varies virus programs and defraged. Low and behold my computer was speedy again. When I became brave again I installed the eBay toolbar again....and it is still speedy!
With the new servers up and running, I was able to race through my new listings. Life is wonderful!

Good Luck with your store! Take care, INOUDID
Thanks for your reply. It's not my computer. All that has been checked out. I do appreciate your thoughts. Have a good day. Another week of down time for me.
I've had the same problem.
I have an issue now where when I sell similar, I get a "description" error.
Does this happen with you??
That really doesn't sound familiar. Is your showcase working? I have one picture showing in mine and all the rest say loading image. It's always something. Good luck.
I think we both got similar problem. For me, almost ALL of Auctiva features cannot be use:

1) Cannot post/schedule
2) The showcase is working but only some items' picture is working, other items picture is MISSING!!!
3) My Auctiva Store is forzen on page 2 and 3. Only page 1 is viewable but most pictures are missing
4) Even I cannot SEARCH previous posted item detail.

In short, all functions of Auctiva cannot be used and noone help me.

P.S. I already CLEAR my PC and MAC cache. I think the problem is on Auctiva and not our computer.

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