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I am wondering if anyone has any first-hand experience with Open-office (WayOutWest Wink )?

I am savvy to very good in MS office, but am getting tired of the high cost of keeping with the latest versions every couple of years.

I've followed a link someone here (WOW Wink ) has in their signature and read some there, but if anyone (WOW Wink ) has any practical experience with it, I would love to know your thoughts.

I am mostly interested in the clones of Excel, Word, Access, & Publisher.

If they could only see me now....they'd probably point & giggle...
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Two words..

Love it!

Download it...what do you have to lose?
<smile> It's free.

Any of the free software's that WOW or myself or others on this board oooo and ahhhh over, we've tried ourselves and will be more than happy to answer your questions. Well, maybe not more than happy <smile> make that just plain ole happy. HA!

Good Luck,

My Best,
Ditto to what Donna said Smile

I hate to admit it, but I still find myself using MS Office more often than I use OpenOffice. I'm just slow to change to new things and like you, I already know office very well and makes it more difficult to switch.

OpenOffice has some features that Office is lacking (such as ability to export to pdf) but Office has a few things that OpenOffice doesnt (cant think of any offhand, but I'm sure there are some)

The biggest difference is some functions are in different places and some things are worded differently.

And, OpenOffice doesnt come with all the templates that MSOffice has. (but there are a few user contribs that you can download from their site)

What's nice about the OpenOffice 2.0 is they added an Access clone Smile They already had capability of connecting to databases, but didnt have the Access-like interface in version 1.

Slightly off-topic -

As some point I'm going to go full Linux, but like the MSOffice to OpenOffice move, it's just a matter of getting used to it and finding the time for the learning curve. I started to switch last year, but realized my modem is a win-modem (which means it wont work under linux) and since I had dialup back then...

Every few years I consider switching to linux, every time something ends up stopping me (usually unwillingness to spend the $ to get all hardware compatible and reluctance to tackle it, even though I know it's not difficult).

First time I started to switch was several years ago (back in early 1993 when commercial use of the internet was still prohibited, when you had to get programs on net from ftp sites, you fetched text documents using gopher, and when www traffic measured only 1/10th of 1 percent of the traffic on the internet). But back then only part of my hardware was compatible, so that was very short-lived. Wink

Interesting bit of trivia - google uses linux on their in-house systems.
btw, you can configure OO to be more like MSOffice,289483,sid39_gci1190230,00.html

and worth mentioning that many govts (including the State of Massachusetts) have made the Open Document Format (ODF - a suite of applications based on Extensible Markup Language for text, presentations, spreadsheets and other office documents) their official standard (which is a format based on the format created by OpenOffice and is not currently supported by MS).

for more about ODF
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Originally posted by wayoutwest:
Ditto to what Donna said Smile

As some point I'm going to go full Linux, interesting bit of trivia - google uses linux on their in-house systems.

That's on my list of things to do this fall Steve.

I'm going to reformat my hard drive on the laptop and install Linus.

It's a scary move but I'm wanting to try it. And my second son whose techy wants us to have just one computer that has only Linus..he says it's better.

I have all the backups to reinstall Windows if I want.

I use ALOT of free software such as OpenOffice that'll work just fine with Linux and need to do a different modem on the laptop just like your talking about.

I'll keep you apprised!
(the geekette)
I've checked it out now and am quite impressed. I was concerned that it would not be quite up to snuff, but it has a few things that are a little more straight-forward than MSOffice. I think I will use it to teach my children with. Both will accomplish the same end result, so why not....

I'm glad you all turned me on to this, and Rick, You win the prize! The first one to actually address me by my name in here... Wink

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