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For the last few days, Auctiva is auto-selecting an "Optional eBay Gallery Images" checkbox in my listings.

I keep unselecting it and putting the images in the usual spot, then I save, create a similar listing, and it's selected again.

I just noticed on all four listings that I've created this morning, even though I unselected it while creating them... it is now selected again.

Any idea what's going on with this? Is Ebay charging me extra fees if a listing goes up with it selected?

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Hi Catisfaction -

We have recently enabled the Optional eBay Gallery Images in Auctiva accounts by default. However, you can deselect the checkbox for it prior to posting your listings if you do not wish to have this enabled.

We made this change for a number of reasons and it should not adversely affect your account or listings. Please keep in mind that using the Optional eBay Gallery Images is free, there is no additional charge from either us or eBay. (Note that the Gallery Plus feature that eBay offers is different, and usually includes an addtional eBay fee and can be turned on if you wish to use it in the Marketing section of the lister page).

Having theses optional images on in your listings ensures your images are displayed on all platforms including mobile and the eBay mobile app, where other images and descriptions do not show up on the main page when a listing is first displayed. Also, having multiple free gallery images positively affects eBay search results for your items and allows users (specifically on mobile platforms) the ability to more easily assess the item you are selling and can decrease the possibility of buyer dissatisfaction, which ultimately helps seller performance standards; please see

- Craig
Hello 1stclasscollectables -

Gallery Plus actually makes changes on the Search results page - and has both a mouse over feature for such images as well as the magnifier. Please see for eBay's full description of this feature.

However, for enabling the zoom feature on the listings pages themselves, this is automatic on eBay if your images are of sufficient size and resolution. Images must be at least 800 pixels on one side to have the occur automatically. Please see near the bottom of the page.

Having the Optional eBay Gallery Images enabled does not automatically enable Gallery Plus. If you wish to make use of Gallery Plus when posting a listing from Auctiva, you can add this using the checkbox for it in the Marketing section of the lister page, and there is an additional eBay charge for using the Gallery Plus feature.

- Craig

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