I was not aware that Auctiva has TWO default files where my photos are stored. When I upload my photos they are sent to the folder called "No Folder". From there, I move them to the sub categories that I have built to file away for future use. "No Folder" should therefore be empty of images.

But that has not been happening. In my list of categories it reads "show images in" :

"All Folders"


"No Folder"

and then my subcategories are listed.

By sheer accident I clicked on the line ------- the other day, and a huge file opened. Inside was every single photo I have ever uploaded to Auctiva over the past years! I immediately contacted support who told me it was a "default" file.

I have been charged double or triple fees every month for photo hosting pictures that I had deleted years ago. Are other users aware of this? I have contact four people I know use Auctiva and none of them knew that ----- was a default folder. We all thought it was a page break and have never opened it until now.

Our hosting fees are always over as a result of this. Is someone able to please give me an explanation?
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Hi Lindy,

Thanks for posting your question here. When you upload images into your Auctiva account without placing them in a specific folder, they will show the "No Folder" designation. However, when you go to your Manage Images page, the images that are designated as being in "No Folder" will be visible in the default view.

Image files that you have deleted are not counted against your image hosting usage so I am confident there is an explanation that differs from you having been charged for images that you had deleted from your account.

In any event, please feel free to contact our customer support team by mousing over the "Help" tab and selecting the "File Support Case" option, we'll be happy to look into this and see what we can do to help.

Mike, I posted here because I had received no resolution from Support.

I think other users need to be checking their accounts too.

I have now deleted 1 gig of unwanted old photos from the "-------" file, and still going. I would imagine my next Auctiva bill will be significantly lower as a result of this?
Hi Lindy56,

Thanks for pointing that out. I looked over your support case and noticed that you were under the impression the fact that images appear under multiple folder filters is an indication that there are multiple copies of those images stored within your account, but that is not actually the case.

Even though a single image may show up when All Folders, ---, or No Folder are selected from the "Show Images In" drop down menu, the image is still only being hosted in your account once. If you delete that image, it will no longer be present when any of these filters are selected.

I see that you have deleted enough images from your account to bring your usage down under the 1 GB of space that is included with your plan so, provided you do not exceed that usage level again, you should not incur any more additional image hosting charges moving forward.

While looking into your support case, we did notice that the "All Folders" and "---" filtering options on the Manage Images page do exactly the same thing so we are going to look into removing one of those.

No Mike, you have a glitch in your system and it is affecting all users.

I have been a loyal Auctiva user for many years. I accidentally stumbled across a very big problem in your system that is costing all of your members money and the way its been handled is not good.

Support has blamed it on Firefox 5.0 and want me to upgrade to 3.6.15. It shouldn't make any difference what browser we use.

I see that you have deleted enough images from your account to bring your usage down

I am more than happy to reinstate all those photos so you can watch where they go. There is one copy of each old photo - they will not go to "All Folders", they will go straight to "-----" where they came from and where they have sat dormant for years.

Having two default files for your customers, and never notifying them, is crooked.
Dear Lindy56,

We'll be happy to continue working with you through your support case until we get to the bottom of the confusion over this situation that obviously remains, but I have not seen any evidence that our system has ever duplicated images that are uploaded in your case or any others. We have attempted to reproduce the behavior you have described, but we just cannot make that happen.

For example, I just uploaded a new image into my own account and did not choose to place it in any specific folder. I then confirmed that the image appeared at the top of my Image Management page when either All Folders, ---, or No Folder was selected from the "Show Images in" drop down menu.

As I described before, this does *not* mean multiple copies of the image are stored in my account. The same single image file is just being returned by those three separate filters.

I then deleted the image from my account. After that, I went through the process of selecting All Folders, ---, and No Folders from the "Show Images in" drop down menu on the Image Management page and confirmed that the image no longer appeared regardless of which filter was selected.

I don't quite understand what you are seeing on your side of things that suggests differently, but you are in very capable hands with Don and hopefully we will all get on the same page soon.

If you are able to demonstrate the existence of a technical problem through your support case, we will certainly address it. However, based on what I have read and the testing I have done so far, I have not been able to confirm that what you have decribed is actually happening so I'm still confident that there is just some remaining confusion to clear up.

I do not believe it is likely that your use of an old browser version is related to this situation, but I would definitely still recommend updating to the latest version. Our site is optimized for the latest versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer and our ability to troubleshoot behavior that happens on outdated version of those browsers is very limited.

Hate to Butt in here.. however, at one time I thought I had same pictures twice (though had not hit the extra charge point anyway) and I did have the twice and a few 3 times. HOWEVER, I actually found I uploaded them twice and thrice accidentally. I loaded them and did not use them, reloaded a week or so later again not realizing I had previously done. No I was not new then, I just was not paying close attention. Now I label all of the photos BEFORE I load and can put in name order & am able to see which have been loaded twice by just having them order them by name.

May not be your issue, but it was mine and is VERY easy to happen.


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