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I've read the other messages regarding the same problem and have done all the remedies, to no avail. Can someone direct me to another free, Web host that is fairly easy to use? I really liked Auctiva but cannot wait another week to start listing my auctions and I'm not sure when this problem will get solved. The same thing happened about a month ago but was fixed fairly quickly...not this time. Many thanks.
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Hi Community,

While we are receiving a handful of reports that images cannot be uploaded from some customers (such as those) on our thread, the reports of failures do not seem to be very widespread. Our technical team is actively looking into what may be causing these failures, but we could definitely use the help of those experiencing this problem.

One thing I have noticed while evaluating some of these failures is that many of them are occurring when users are trying to upload images that are stored in a format other than JGP or GIF. The only image formats our uploaders support are JPG and GIF so you will need to make sure your images are stored in one of those formats in order to upload them into Auctiva.

If you are attempting to upload images that are stored in one of these accepted formats and your upload attempts are still failing, please contact our customer support team using the web form on the following page of our site:

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Hi everyone and thoughts to all of you still experiencing problems.

I did have problems with the loading of pictures and went back to Turbolister for a week or 2.

I have just put one item on with auctiva and it all went very smoothly and easily.

I don't know why it was failing before and have definately not made any changes to my PC and would never be tempted to.

All I can say is for those still failing, just try to make sure your photos are in the right format.

This is a free service and I am sure that Auctiva do want to keep us, but they too, have to make changes as and when Ebay decide to.

I want to wish you all the best of luck and hope that any issues are quickly resolved,

take care everyone



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