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I checked out your site. Everything seems to be working fine. Pages load pretty fast. Your cart is working. I didn't see any mispellings. You don't have any meta tags. You need to add them so your store is searchable. Other than that looks like your good to go. Have patience with sales, it does take time. Good Luck
I have your code, but where do I go to add you? Sorry to sound really stupid, but I am completely new on how to put websites together. I checked out your site and I love it. I as well have a coupon, how do I let customers know this? Do I put the code some where on my homepage? Thank you for any help/feedback you can give. I don't care if it is negative or not. I need to know so I know what I need to do to improve or I should say get sales started.
It doesn't sound stupid we have all been there believe me if it hadn't been for all the nice people in the forum we would all be a lost. Do you know how to add a web page, if not there is a tutorial for it I think if not I can help you before we were able to add pages people were putting the logo on their contact page so that is also an option.

add webpage
This is the page that explains how to add a webpage it is in the help section on our stores if the link doesn't work.
I have a couple of coupons going, I sent an email to my ebay customers with a code for them, if you are on twitter or facebook you can add a code to your page there so people have them for the auctiva forum people which I have attached to my signature on here. I think you have some beautiful items, but I think I would try to resize your logo and make it bigger or may try to center it I am not sure how it works on that template if you have that option.
if you run into problem I will try to help you with them.
Can anyone help me. I have seen a few times "Abandoned baskets" and was wondering why no one was purchasing. Anyway, I thought I would go into my site and try to order something through Paypal. Well when I went to check out an error message popped up that said "An unexpected error occured while processing your request: 10002: Security Header is not valid." Can anyone help me with this please. I had my store open since summer time and as of yet no sales coming through. Could this be the reason? I am getting really frustrated and seriously thinking of closing my account. I would appreciate any help given to me.

Thank you

Everything Thiz And That
Hi! It looks like you've got lots of nice products, and a nice logo, but I think that the theme you are using is too drastic for your product type. It would be more suited to automotive, I think. You might want to look for a "warmer, friendlier" theme for your product selection, since your primary target market is probably female.
Nice site and products. I just went in and added a few things to the cart and the shipping is the same for 1 item and 4 items.(dolphin candle warmer and (3)john wayne biography frames. You might want to check to see if your shipping methods are done correctly.
The shipping estimate shows a flat rate of $7.00 for the entire order.
Looking very nice! You might want to add a logo to your header, which you should be able to do from Store > Configure > Store Settings.

Also, you can move the title of your page up to the blue browser bar by going to

Marketing > Search Engine Optimization > Meta Data & Google Integration

In the section for Store Meta Tags, type:

<title>your title goes here</title>

Click Save Meta Tags

Hope that helps!
I have just been going with Business cards. I can't seem to figure out the google base and the Google verification or whatever that is. We are on a shoe string budget and do not have a whole lot of money to be spending on marketing. My husband is kind of leary about this whole deal and does not think we are going to make anything. I have been trying to sell items on ebay and just recently opened my store on here about a year ago with no results as of yet. I know it takes time and money. If I could get anymore help I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
Everything Thiz And That

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