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To follow it, you actually have to go back and reconstruct the deletes in your mind, in their proper places, and then 're-read' the flow of thought. That's the only way it will make sense. I just did that to make sure I'm staying straight with what I said and meant. This venue does have its limitations. Wink It's ok if you get lost, I do too. We'll manage. WinkWink

edit - Miss M, like Miss S. says, you are an essential part of all this, NEVER a third wheel. When you are gone you are sorely missed.

edit/edit - I would never put this thread on email. Are you kidding!
Well good viewers, so completes another exciting episode of "Life, it's all a bunch of electrons" brought to you by the US Auctiva community group with guest apperances from across the pond in blighty.

Fear not normal, sorry abnormal service will resume when the cast have had a chance to recharge, tune in later for answers to :-

Does ninth have a snake or is it a fidgety hose ?
What do you get if you cross a spider with a fly ?
Are hot cross buns really that hairy ?
Why are pretzels so hazardous to your toes ?
And will the snow fairy appear to kablona ?

These may get answered and many more confusing issues raised (and thank goodness edits don't create extra mails) in the next exciting episode, same channel, soon . . . .
Hi Ms M, I'm fine especially as I don't have any pets, as a kid yes but got more sense now I'm the one to look after them.

I will always make a fuss of others peoples cats, yep I'm a cat person, wouldn't have one now though.

Trouble with pets are they don't take days off from work because they don't work, they get free food, accomodation, private health care, grooming and transport just like a perpetual teenager and then all of a sudden they are geriatric, no in between Frown

Looks like pic wars have started, next should be something to take on the owl any offers all you with massive picture libraries ?

edit - Thats a cracker of an owl picture Smile
Choo, you are SO right about pets! But I still couldn't live without 'em Smile
Every animal I've ever had was rescued in some way (usually by me personally) which is why I always seem to end up with so many at once...3 dogs! Only wanted one, but oh well! I've had cats too, love cats & dogs. I even had lizards a couple of times, big ones (ninth would be proud of me HA) but I like the furry animals the best Smile

And the way my area is changing so fast I'm glad to have the big dog here...
OK for the record. I do not wear cowboy boots much and when I do only ostrich or snakeskin. Definitely NO cowboy hat.
Ninth, I was working at the pretzel factory till 4 and will do so again today Frown
Wish I would have been home making pretzels though Big Grin
Well this post has gotten really difficult to follow.
See you all later and have fun!
Edit: Sorry to disillusion our many viewers out there as to my image but keep trying!
Well this is a fine to do, 6 hours since the last post on here, that will not do ladies and gentlemen our viewers will be dissapointed and we cannot have that.

I hope the late shift can do somewhat better !!!

Yes Ms M I saw the note about bumping, however if a poster needs a reply who are we not to assist a fellow seller. Mind you it does appear to be staying high up due little other activity tonight.

Goodnight, from the UK, half past midnight here Smile
Hi ya'll. Smile
It does look quiet around here. I'm not staying but had to come see how you sweet folks are doing today.
When 'those two' are here, it's pretty much ALWAYS difficult to follow...

Hey, Miss M, surely "those two" isn't Ninth and me! Eek I know that can't be because our posts make perfectly good sense. Wink

I saw the note on the poll thread about bumping and apologized. That was me and I won't do it again. Roll Eyes I can most always find something to say. lol

Ninth had 8 votes last time I looked. I thought that was funny... I mean, what's the point of voting now? Big Grin

I'm not sure how well I'll help on the late shift tonight. I'll be back at least to say howdy again. That is, if anyone else is here.

Hi Ninth. WinkWink
Hey Miss M. I just almost missed ya. If it weren't for that crumb thread (thanks Choo! That got really annoying!!!), I'd be gone already. Wink

I'm doing soooo wonderful, if I was any better, I wouldn't be able to stand myself! lol How about you?
I'll be back to visit with you for a little while, after while. Big Grin Dunno about till 2a.m. Wink
Hi folks - Yes, what DID happen to this thread today, only one page? Is everyone all worn out or what?

Well we know Taz is, that's understandable, what with all those pretzels he has to make and all. Taz, have you invented any new pretzel shapes? Wink Not talking eh?

I don't know Choo, what DO you get when you cross a spider with a fly? Could be interesting. Hi Miss S, are you listening? How are those cookies coming along? You know how much I love cookies. Wink

Miss M, you don't have any trouble figuring out what 'those two' are saying, not with your x-ray eyes! You started this thread remember? You just might find a few edits to keep you guessing though, don't want to make it too easy for you now do we? Wink

Hi kbalona, nice pic. that's not you after a long night is it? Wink

Sexy Pete where are you? Chasing the leather again? BAD BOY. Big Grin (too bad Miss M has a hubby, huh?) Big Grin
I see the boards were a bit crazy last night with crumb spamming as Choo said. Forget the users name but she was just every where posting blatant spam that had nothing to do with anything!
HMMM Come to think of it exactly what is this thread about? No worries it is definitely not spam and Auctiva has stepped in to tell us to stifle.
It would be nice if they had a live chat capability though.
1652 posts and 13135 hits we are flying in the stratosphere here! Now wonder no-one knew other than kbalona has shown up. It would take them a week just to get an inkling of what this INSANITY is all about!
I am so glad I did not have to work until 4 tonight. The left side of my face looks like a hamster hoarding feed and talk about hurting. I feel as though I went 15 rounds with Ali.
EDIT: Do not look know but a Giraffe is lurking about getting ready to rear its head!
Yeah, I saw him that what that is? It didn't look like a giraffe to me, I didn't know what it was Smile

I am having SO much trouble with the post now button, I keep getting server not found after waiting forever.....

You guys have fun, please come back in the morning. And Taz I really hope you feel better...Dentists...brrrr..shudder...creep me out!
Morning all! Spotted me did you Taz? Wink

Apologies for being AWOL yesterday folks, I actually had to go in to the office for the day (I usually work from home) and it's not really possible to play on the forum while in there - then by the time I got home I didn't really have time to log on.

You guys can really post when you put your minds to it, it's just taken me ages to catch up! Mind you, having read all the posts, I'm still not sure what is going on! Big Grin

Susanne, how could you not see it is a giraffe? Eek Watch it closely, I think the expression with the eyebrow is hilarious.
Things are going good Pete. Going to deal with the parent situation this weekend and have them over for dinner and hopefully get their blessing to date their daughter. I am going to feel like a teenager! Excuse me Mrs Mother and Mr father but may I take your daughter out? Funny thing is mom is 2 years younger than me and her father is my age.
Should make for an interesting evening. Cool
How is everything on your side of the pond going?
Thanks kbalona Smile I just love your morning pics! You're up either really early or really late, can't tell Smile

I think it will be a 'dead thread' today too... I'm working, I think Taz is working, Miss S and Ninth are MIA (gotta wonder where they are) Wink, and who knows what "you Brits" will be doing with the huge time difference Big Grin

I'm just stopping in for awhile, running late today Eek
And amongst last nights chat it was mentioned about a thread being stifled, this one ?

Or the one whose name must not be mentioned for fear of excommunication

Yes Choo it does seem to be slowing, was talking of this thread when I mentioned the STIFLE. But boy it sure does seem they do not want that other thread mentioned.
Edit: BTW what thread did they pull of yours? I saw the mention in the poll.
Well Taz I saw booklady's poll was doing quite well on views, but only 10% had voted.

So I created a new thread on the same board with an 'attention' grabbing title to get recent new starters who had been blown away on eBay without warning to vote. Within an hour the whole thread was vaporised, no warning no comments so I left my own comment on booklady's thread.

At least one of this epic-threader group saw it but it was a shorter appearance than the snow fairy. Wink

Shocked a few people because it was thought that only eBay did that sought of thing Frown
I have seen a couple posts disappear without warning.IMHO this really gives Auctiva a

Most notably was the "What color is Auctiva" thread is Suggestions started by a Auctiva employee who I have seen no posts from since?
Would be nice if the 2 threads work there way to the top for maintenance tonight. You know which other one
the one whose name must not be mentioned for fear of excommunication

Actually it does appear as though Auctiva is taking some notice to our suggestions/gripes
Guess the old adage, if you stir a kettle of fish long enough it will stink, is true.
EDIT:Choo ex-fiancee was a Fre**** nut. I do not watch such drivel usually.
Last edited by tazfrompa
Hooray, Pete's a giraffe specialist, I recognised it as a giraffe (wow Choo's observant) but I did not see the wink until it was shown larger,must get stronger glasses if I am to continue on a high resolution monitor.

Hi Taz, something's got to give soon, the flack is intensifying and the outburst you fired back in Auctiva's defence was certainly justified but unfortunately angry ordinary people are going to take it out on anyone connected with the current issues. They may not be able to understand the two companies are seperate and certainly have no idea how all these lumps of e-commerce software hangs together. And why should they, they don't expect to understand how M$ Word works under the bonnet to write a letter.

By warning new clients at least Auctiva can distance themselves more from eBay's tendancy towards long term self destruction. Smile

edit - recently I saw a comment in an online trade mag from a PayPal insider that they were told they should distance themselves from their eBay parent this year, sounds ominous, if true Big Grin
'Morning everyone,
kbalona---GREAT pic I love this one. EWWW....getting up at 5 me the heebie jeebies. I did it for years and will NEVER do it again. I'm more used to going to bed at 5 AM Smile Never been much of a morning person, yuck. This timestamp will say 7 something but it's actually 9 something. EDIT-ok so it took me a little while to type this .. lol. I'm 2 hours ahead of the timestamp.

Pete...Still around? I've only seen giraffes in the zoo (city girl, remember)Smile so it still doesn't look like one to if I could see the long neck and spots that would be a different story. Not to say I think they're walking around free outside in the UK but you get my drift...I still like it tho..kinda looks like you (the eyebrow part I mean) Big Grin

Choo-Whenever I've seen that you have posted (middle of the night to me) when I get up, the first thing I do is get the kleenex box. You've really got to stop making me laugh so much so early in the morning Smile Giraffe specialist???? LMAO!!!! Methinks your mind works in mysterious ways Big Grin


- "recently I saw a comment in an online trade mag from a PayPal insider that they were told they should distance themselves from their eBay parent this year, sounds ominous, if true "

I also think it makes sense..sounds smart to me. I've had alot of problems with PP since ebay bought them, nothing major but enough to notice. Never had any problems at all before that.

Is anyone still here or am I talking to myself again/ Smile
G'mornin giraffe specialist Big Grin (still laughing over that one)
How you be today?? I'm so happy, off work now til Mon, yay! Funny, I never really want to go to work, but once I get there I'm fine with it, and if I wasn't working I'd be lost without it. Does that make any sense?? I have finally gotten lucky enough to have a job and workplace I love. Smile

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