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Miss M this is Cockney rhyming slang and I am unfamiliar with it but be'er is better. Some examples are Apples and Pears equal stairs and Bloody Mary equlas hairy. Cockney slang was widely used for illegal activities years ago but now has gone mainstream and is considered good fun.
Perhaps Choo will be kind enough to give us a translation in the morn as I believe i have begun breaking his A la mode!
Originally posted by TazFromPA:
Sorry to break in with this rather rude and obnoxious spamming message but have you all heard about the newest rage. The only way to pay FeeBay more money and screw everyone else too! Sign up under me and you will see! Welcome to Little Crusts

EDIT: Just saw Jeff's post about filtering out BC possibly.
That stinks, maybe if we keep the ground attack up it will not get to that point.
Wonder if Kick It Back will be filtered also. LOL

I deleted mine. That's all it is. Smile
Jeez Louise! I thought I'd wound up on a porn thread a few pages back Eek Shirley and Sid, behave yourselves!

Steve, glad it seems to have gone well with the parents. I had this image of the dinner going very smoothly, then after you left, Dad picking up the phone, and saying in his best James Bond Villain sinister voice - 'Keel heem'! Glad it doesn't seem to have come to that!.

Susanne, of course I like the shorts! I'd like any underwear you gave me Wink

Choo, a dragon vomiting a fireball? No, he's reading a 'For Dummies' book!

Hi Pete, well on a 1600x1200 display the book looked like flames and the dragon was holding his head, so ... Big Grin

I can see it now, amazing how a bit of extra info changes the interpretation of an image Big Grin

Regards interpretation, I see Taz is trying to translate my post on 'your' poll thread so I will give the answer later on, read it quick and you find it makes sense easier Wink
Hi folks, just came down the ol' apple and pears and see Taz is trying to break the 'code' surprised Pete's given up, p'haps he's too much of a sprog compared to me Wink

Ne'er u mind, I'll give Taz some more time as he enjoys a Wiki-challenge (must get more emoticons).

Regards Crumbing I think that there could be some company vested interest in including BC in the 'cussing filter' because recently 'the' #1 voice on here was promoting another similar company called K*ck B*ck.

Will that also be filtered out I wonder ?

Oh, goody the Giraffe's back, well done girls you've got Pete wrapped around your little fingers a gift girls are born with and refine into womanhood Smile
Hey Choo! Smile

Went emoticon huntin' yesterday, can ya tell? lol edit- Check out Care2... hope it's okay to nab 'em up. Big Grin

Regarding the cussing filter and KB, I think not. I hope not for the BC and wish those people would just use some good ole fashioned common sense when they take off postin' like that! I mean, what on Earth do they think they'll accomplish with it? That's right up on the list of 'most rude'. And to see it here on our friendliest forum is really a bit shocking!

I'm off here for now but had to say Howdy. And I told you over there, I've 'broken the code'. Smile Is it really that difficult? Eek

Methinks Pete's giraffe is back with visions of those heart skivvies dancing in his head. Miss M?? Wink
Hi Shadeaux, since when were people born with manners ? it develops when you are brought up decently. So we shouldn't expect it really.

So combine a low standard of business ethics and lack of manners and people will spam away get temporarily banned move on somewhere else, come back and so on.

I wish junk mail through the letter box could be filtered out the same as e-mail/board spam. But like cold calling telephone sales (expletive of your own choice here) trolls both our post office and telephone service providers get big bucks for it.

Ho, hum Smile

On a lighter note marked Taz's 'homework', 9/10 and given a hint for him to think about, see how it ties up with your thoughts.

Dinner's ready back later Cool
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Hey all just popping in for a bit before going to work( Hopefully out of the pretzel business in the next couple of weeks, just came from a second interview on a job I have been trying to get for the last 8 months Smile )
Dealing with a PITA buyer right now,that I just placed a post about Mad.
One bad buyer can really mess up your day! She has sent me a email with a barely concealed threat towards my 100 % feedback.
Hi there, just thought I'd send you this message before I go through EBAY feedback.

I do not deal well with threats! I really feel like sending a Scathing Butt Kicking email. Not that I am any good at kickin butt as you have seen on some of my more vociferous posts! Big Grin
Anyway hope everyone is having a great day.
She has sent me a email with a barely concealed threat towards my 100 % feedback.

Hi Taz I lost my eBay virginity within the first few months of selling due to a stroppy buyer who over bid on an old listed as damaged item, which was well photgraphed. He basically wanted an excessive partial refund or would neg me. I refused to buckle to his threats so I got my first red.

That was over 2 years ago and over a thousand positives collected since from many repeat customers across the globe (and no more reds), who needs 100%, 99.9% is good enough 100% pure is used as a weapon against you by dubious buyers. My many global, repeat customers can't be wrong. Smile

edit - congrats Taz has reached a 1000, how do you feel Big Grin
Hi Choo, thought I saw you around...

Yep, we are all going to get negged sooner or later, I've been negged once each on all 4 of my buyer acts but never yet on my selling act (how strange is that)

Of course I negged the sellers first but they were absolutely horrible transactions and they really did deserve it. Usually I'd much rather leave no FB at all.

TAZ--forgot, I sent you one too, go check Smile
Well I am off to the pretzel factory. (hopefully not too many more times Big Grin )
Will be anxiously awaiting a chance to view the responses to our latest posts.
Miss M I do believe you better buy stock in Kleenex I have a feeling you may be needing Kleenex by the case soon.
EDIT: See I told you Pete was around!

Pete just remember that as Taz I am able to spin up quite a storm!
Hey Ya'll! Smile

Miss M, are you settled on one pair? (Hi Pete) I have another perfect pair right here in my hot little hands. Want me to send 'em to ya for him? Wink Course ya know I gotta give Ninth first dubs on 'em. Razz

No, I don't know what rubber chickens have to do with giraffes... except they both have long necks.

Taz, congrats on the 1000+! And good luck with the post-interview... You're movin' up!! woohoo!

Evenin' Choo. Did anyone ever figure out what on Earth you're sayin' over there?

Did I miss Kbalona somewhere or is he MIA?

Ninth, before Miss M claims these for Pete, you want first dubs??SmileSmile

edit- What's this? I get here and ya'll leave? Eek
I took a shower!
Evenin' Choo. Did anyone ever figure out what on Earth you're sayin' over there?

Morning Shadeaux, well Taz was 90% correct don't know if he has totally given up yet as his mind seems to be pretzeled at the moment with all this talk about what Pete keeps in his shorts . . . or did I loose the 'thread' somewhere Wink

The other suggestion, better just go and check, oh yes Ms M, hmmm, oh dear !

Quote : "Better be honest with/to yourself or you'll lose sleep"

Sorry Ms M, 3/10, could do better Wink

Come on Taz, you've nearly got it or can someone else apply the final fix bearing in mind that Taz is 90%+ correct by word, but only 60% correct by meaning Smile

Ahh another Star Trek fan!

Just stopping by for a few minutes, (work today)

Choo..I almost wonder..WHY did Jeff leave that one post about BC?? Surely he must have seen it, he got all the other ones??? That member(?) has 8 posts and I think all of them were spam.
Gonna ruin it for everyone. If I had posted what I REALLY thought on the 'crumbing disease' board, Jeff would have suspended ME.

But you know I'm alot more laid back than our friend Taz Wink
Trekkie, shows my age !

Well we can all help by pressing the report post icon "!" far right, but do it against the correct post in the thread I did it accidently against Pete's reply, whoops, sorry Pete Red Face

Then did against the right one saying it should be the top (original) but luckily Jeff is alot brighter than me so should be no problem.

I have also suggested suspending selling accounts for reoffenders, anyway I have added my tuppence worth to both whippedcream head (the snowmen on the attack maybe?) and whatsis-dorks name threads no nead to repeat it all here.

Life's too short with my typing speeds of up to 10 words a minuute, (including hitting the cursor and delete keys) Smile

"Trekkie, shows my age !"

Mee too, Choo and yep the original is still one of my favorites tho I have liked all of them.

Shame on you for reporting Pete, although I did notice we're picking on him alot lately (that's ok, he loves it)
You have to stop those lightning fast typing speeds of 10 wpm so you don't make any more mistakes like that Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
You mean you had time to watch all the other series, alright for some, saw a few of the next generation series and that was it, too many spin-offs for me.

These days I keep up with another old favourite may not be that known stateside, Dr Who, seen all those including the earlier dire flms, the last one was good, with a tinge of Terminator 2 liquid metal man about it.

Have fun at work, amazing the last 2 nights I was around until about 3am GMT and hardly a murmur on here, boy is my timimng bad Frown

Or is it your ESP based Choo alert Eek sensors warning you all off Wink
It's my ESP Choo sensors Smile

I think everyone knows Dr. Who...I LOVE Dr Who!! I used to watch it way back when (not sayin EXACTLY when) Big Grin but it is really awesome now...especially the last episode. I'm gonna miss Chris Eccleston tho, I really liked him as Dr Who.

How about Coupling? Do you watch that? Totally hilarious. We get alot of BBC shows here on weekend nights. I'n not much of a TV watcher anymore but there are a couple that I will drop everything for Wink
Thought of another one...Fawlty Towers??

Pure classic Cleese, no other way to describe it !

"think everyone knows Dr. Who...I LOVE Dr Who!! I used to watch it way back when"

Think that started about 1962-3 ? here watched it from episode 1, scared the life out of me I watched the daleks from behind the sofa, great stuff !

Coupling Confused but then not much recent stuff appeals.

BTW Taz must have had agood nights sleep with his on the edge of a diplomatic incident reply to Mr whippy's thread. Hi Taz Smile
Hey all what diplomatic incident if you only refer to the whiipiy thread? Obviously you did not yet see my reply to DaraDorks flogging post!
Wow whackin and floggin I did not realize this place was so much fun!
Next victim please step up to the whipping post and bare your posterior for a good old fashioned whuppin, whackin and floggin!
Mr Choo, this is my last post then I gotta go, just didn't want you to think I was ignoring you Wink...Are you telling me you don't find Coupling funny, or you just haven't watched it?? It's twice as funny as Fawlty Towers and that's really saying something Smile
Especially the earlier episodes. I guarentee it will appeal Smile

See you later, have a great day Smile
Obviously you did not yet see my reply to DaraDorks flogging post!

I must have the opposite of being ambidextrous, can't type with either hand, yes I meant dork's flogging, mind you probably just an occupational hazard they can ignore for a week, spam somewhere else and return when the dust settles.

Probably got no interest in selling things just goes crusing board after board just like vanadls plastering thier graffiti everywhere as if we care what their tag means Razz
True Choo but we still have our flogging permits courtesy of Jeff
Probably got no interest in selling things just goes crusing board after board just like vanadls plastering thier graffiti everywhere as if we care what their tag means

Great fun don't you think?
And Choo how did you know I use to breed Rottweilers?
Well I too must get ready for work.
Hi everybody,

You guys are SO funny..I looked at the board while I was at work - I really should know better by now Big Grin

Choo - My Rottweiller looks just like me (she's beautiful, HAHAHA) Rolling my eyes here.. Roll Eyes
And BTW your level of lunacy is just fine.

Pete - OMG I never saw you freak out before (shame on you Choo for reporting Sweet Pete)

Taz - What can I say..go get 'em tiger Eek
Go get em Tiger? I live for these moments! Kick A** and take names of Dum-Dums. Gee I wish Jeff would step in at least say hello to the asylum!
Hmm "do you think this post will make it to the New Year"
Wow far beyond and still kickin tail!
1907 posts and 15061 views!
Yup I do believe that we lunatics need our own platground!
PLEASE Jeff a chat area for us hardcore Auctiva supportes!
Hey there Taz,

Yep, almost 100 pages..whoo hooo Big Grin
I had my doubts we'd make it to New Years, this is great!

Choo FINALLY opened his eyes & tore himself away from Dr Who to join in (sorry Choo, couldnt resist) and now we have kbalona posting too. Even without the manic ravings of Miss S and ninth we're doing OK.

Uh-oh, they're gonna get me for that one Big Grin Eek Just kidding guys! Razz
Almost 100 pages Miss M and they said it could not last! Only 3.5 pages to go and we hit 100. By the way where is the Spider and the Fly? Hope not out buying acreage to spin a new web of destruction!
tis almost enough to keep up with this little corner of paradise and then to have to foray out into the ButtKickin zone more than my little heart can handle!
Let me at EM Jeff! I want to tear someone a new backside!
Cowboy hat and Boots ninth? I don't think so. Beat up Harley Ball Cap and an Aussie duster, with a pair of weathered linemans boots more my style. Watch the door and I may come moseying in!
Choo : I did not forget your post! Don't lose sleep over nonsense? Is that the gist of it?
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OK Choo, yes you are an honest one! Smile

Susanne, you say you have watched Dr Who since the beginning? I don't think you are that old (you don't look it in my dreams). Now I know Choo will know the answer to this, 'cos I remember him hiding behind the sofa when I was doing the same, but can you tell me who the actor was who played the original Dr Who?
Hi taz, just have to ask, it's obviously not made of ostrich feathers what is an
an Aussie duster

"Don't lose sleep over nonsense?"
I don't think any of us do that with this or the BC threads to vent on, no you are going off the track now, ok here is the original from the Pete coming out poll, and the translation.

me word's were :-
"Be'er be t'onest truf or yor'l be up a'fore the beak in't morn"

Better but still poor English :-
"It had better be the honest truth or you will be up before the magistrate/judge in the morning"

This "honest truth " is a dire but common piece of wording.

So there you go Taz is the winner by a mile. Smile
me word's were :-
"Be'er be t'onest truf or yor'l be up a'fore the beak in't morn

Geez no wonder I never liked Shakespere - could never understand a word of it!

Pete has the Tardis now, whoo hoo!!!! And LOVE the telemarketing link BTW....

EDIT...forgot to say I'm here LOL like a jackass all by myself Big Grin Big Grin I never get those kind of calls Frown now I want one so I could pull a little stunt like that Wink
Must admit Choo the knuckle duster is an intriguing idea and much better usage of words than the mundane American brass knuckles.
Pete yes indeed it is safe to come out of hiding. DaraDork deserved another thrashing! I must admit I am thoroughly enjoying this butt kickin permit handed out by Sheriff Jeff. Yippee we've all been deputized and time to look for the hangin tree!
Q: What do James T. Kirk and spammers have in common?

A: They both regularly circle Uranus searching for Klingons

CAUTION MIss M. with those references to Kleenex, you see Choo has already reported poor Pete once. Would not want you to be his next victim.
Yes still up but it is just past midnight here, probably won't be up more than other hour tonight though.

The other post I just answered could be a long one and by all means step in if they reply during your evening - night shift Wink

Looks like another jump in the deep end and near drowning job despite our cautionary tales, another issue due to Jeff making it sound easy to use Auctiva, would not really go with that myself it's quite a learning curve for some Frown
Looks like another jump in the deep end and near drowning job despite our cautionary tales, another issue due to Jeff making it sound easy to use Auctiva, would not really go with that myself it's quite a learning curve for some

Oh I dunno..I'm a computer idiot, yet I had virtually no problems at all learning Auctiva. Sure I had a few questions, but I never had a problem big enough to prevent me from listing..I honestly think people should read more and take all the tutorals..instructions are there for everything.

EDIT - don't forget, we have to provoke Pete while he's gone Wink
Hi Ms M, just vented my frustrtation on booklady's poll thread, after another total newbie suffered the totally unnescessary "arrgh listing disspeared" initiation ceremony.

I really wish I knew what was behind the reluctance to pass the buck back to ebay, must be contractural small print that they are not even allowed to admit too.

There are two kinds of newbie likely to come unstuck, the one who is not well versed in techno-babble, tries but is swamped and those who can only be spoon fed every cr*mb Wink

So long as you can take it step by step and follow the tutorials (I gather from yourself and others they are good) then the former newbie should be ok.

The latter well, tough, wake up to the real world we can give pointers but it's up to them.

Regarding the tutorials I must admit I just dived in and played being a typical software engineer Wink as it all seemed quite logicallly set up to me Smile

Type, ya' all later Cool
Hi y'all, just found a few minutes to jump in! Son has a day off school today, so I have taken a day off work and we all went ten pin bowling, plus chinese for lunch Smile Off to Germany for work next week though, so won't get any time to myself, so highly unlikely to get in here.

I wonder why we can't have a sticky thread in the Getting Started forum, so we can just put our own warnings to newbies - that wouldn't mean Jeff doing anything else then, we could do it.
Could take a train, 'cos there's the Euro Tunnel which goes under the English Channel - but no, I'm flying. And yes, I do have to travel a reasonable amount (although not as much as I have done in the past I'm glad to say), but trust me, travelling on business is not all it's cracked up to be. Taxi, airport, plane, taxi, hotel, taxi, office, taxi, hotel, food, bed, taxi, office, taxi, airport, plane, taxi, home at last (and that was just a one-nighter!). I have been travelling for business for about 10 years now, and apart from my last trip to Germany, I have never ever got to see any of the sights, other than what I have passed en route. Last trip to Germany though, our German colleagues arranged a visit to the Mercedes Centre of Excellence, where they make and customise some very expensive vehicles for people with more money than sense. They also make the Maybach there - incredible piece of kit - but at about €1,000,000 ($1,461,942) it's a little out of my league!
Travel today's topic, eh, what's up Pete your Tardis got a flat battery, won't start, thinking about a plane or train to Germany ?

I find in travelling to Europe the flying is the short bit, add one hour on underground(metro) to London another hour on train to the airport, checkin, wait, flight, train, at the end can mean London suburbs to northern Italy can take over 7 hours door to door, only one and 3/4 hour flying on the plane !

On top of that the train fares this side of the channel usually cost more than the off-peak flight one way and somtimes more than the return fare.

Our trains fares are horrendous,last time we went to Scotland we preferred to fly and tour by car once there. Considering you probably cannot fly more than about 400 to 500 miles across this island without going from coast to coast even north-south.

Chaffeurs, I have trouble spelling it let alone paying one, mind you never had a car that I could pay a respesctable chaffuer to get into let alone be seen dead driving Wink

edit - phew after my copy/paste, don't spend long time editing on line, pontificating (luvverly word!) u lot were nearly lucky not to see this reply as I got a 'site not found' immediatly after pressing 'Post', hard luck it got there Big Grin
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Hi Choo,

In the states we seem to drive or mainly fly everywhere, because of the long distances involved. And being in a city of over 3 million people, the only trains I really know about are the 'Metra'commuter trains that get you from point A to point B. They go so fast it's scary.

I love to fly but the security checks make it such a hassle now, tho the need is understood.

I usually prefer just to drive as long as it's not too far.

~Pete tried to use the Tardis but he's not the real 'Doctor' so it won't work for him Smile

EDIT on my typo--Chicago has 3 million people - no wonder we need our own train system Smile
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You mean he's an imposter, quick where's the report imposters button, press, press, press.

No luck still passport control will stop him, speaking of which even travelling from any of London's airports internationally have also tightened up enormously. I imagine for a country the size of the USA where you probably use planes like we use trains you must really be feeling it.

Unfortunately there are too many nasty pieces of work out there who have a total disregard for any form of life including thier own so we literaly have to live with the restrictions.

Otherwise flying is pretty safe, mind you a BA plane landed about 700yds short of the runaway at London Heathrow yesterday, only a few minor injuries but made a real mess of one engine and wing. No idea of cause issued yet but so far foul play ruled out.

Hey this thread is getting a bit real world, quick press the lunacy button quick, pink spots with stripes alert, sounds a bit Red Dwarf, ah, that's better Big Grin
Hello what is going on here?

Sorry Miss M but you are being escorted to the door! Please post pertinent information from now on!
Carlos Mencia says Dee Da Dee! "My scrolling gallery has been moved to the top and I have searched the board for an answer!" DUH! Dum-Dum look at the recent posts.; Gee Grasshopper I did not think of that. DUH Gum-Gum for my Dum-Dum!
Lunatics , rhetorical question for y'all!
Why can't people search these boards like we do? An answer is at the top of the posts and some Dum-Dum says I have looked and cannot find it!
DUH maybe they should just post" I am LAZY Dum-Dum please SHOOT me!"
I thought you had already had, why did I go hcuo, hcuo ?

"NO ONE posted all day?? What's going on here??"

Well let me see, Pete's going to Germany on a business, I am online at your breakfast and evening sessions.

So where are the US contingent, ah, Taz working late shifts, Ms M ??

So I sit and type to myself just like contacting eBay for help, ... oh dear on coming relapse feel I.


.niaga desrever sah draobyek ym on hO

Confused am I confused or confused I am - !pleH
"""NO ONE posted all day?? What's going on here??"

Well let me see, Pete's going to Germany on a business, I am online at your breakfast and evening sessions."""

Well that's never stopped anyone before...
BTW I'm having the hardest time accessing 'communuty' since last night..I keep getting 'cannot find server' aarrgghh! Must be Auctiva, everything else is ok ?? I've been trying to post this reply for almost a half hour..grrr Mad

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dumped cookies & cache

Ok Ms M, you're nicked, lurking with intent to use an offensive weapon, and dumping without a permit on this thread which is a federal offence, anything you say will be taken down and used in evidence .. "Knickers", ok who said that ?

Who's lurking within this thread, was that you Taz, or the MIA Shadeaux & Ninth.

Anyone there, just missed Taz earlier, hang on was it you N, what does N stands for, perhaps you can tell us Big Grin

Oh, well typing to myself again, dum, dum, de dum, tuneless whistle . . . , oh dear this is, just like contacting ebay support the only difference here is the reply is humourous but from ebay it's random electronic text clippings less useful than toe clippings, ramble, ramble ....

Ok, folks sorry, I was not here earlier because I had to be sociable face to face, ok I have admitted my sins Roll Eyes

Forgive meeeee ... esaelp
Hi all you luvverly folks!
Look at this!!! 100 pages! woohoo!

Choo, you're Never typing to yourself on here. !os ton tsuj s'taht tub semitemos ti ekil smees ti eruS
!hguoht taht wonk uoy yleruS Big GrinBig Grin

Pete, off to Germany. hmmm... ton er'uoy wonk tsuj
Aus den Augen, aus dem Sinn! (lol !detaehc I)

I saw where N said he's/she's (I think 'she') unsure about where to jump in. N, are ya lurkin' out there? Peekin' in at this wiley wacky wonky Auctiva lunatic asylum thread of epic proportions? There IS no beginning... it just goes on... and on... and on... and on... and... well, you get it. Smile I think silliness is the only requirement?

'Oldies'?? lol I'm starting to think Taz is the youngun around here, though I have no real basis for that. Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
Ya know I luv ya Taz! Cool I luv All you guys! Miss M, how about that Thelma & Louise!?!
Now Where is that sweet li'l fly??? Ohhhhhhh Niiiiiiii-iiinth...
Big GrinBig Grin??em htiw ecnaD
! zaT emalB I
.siht ekli epyt nehw uoy skcahw M sM tou hctaW
xuaedahS iH

better Getting, ..

Oh yeah, 100 today, party time, chocolate wabbit, yummy, oh dear time for bed said Zebedeee, pdoiiinngg ....