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LORDY Miss-M!! You Shure have a way of messing around someone's Image-ination!! Eek

Just thought I'd check and look in on ya'll real quick before i have to leave (in about 10min). i'm prolly gonna' have all kinds of weird dreams tonight. Whhinnneeee!!

good grief!... i shoulda' known better! -- this herd is definitely outta conrol! Eek

Hey! where's that Apple! -- you Promised! [well..almost Roll Eyes ]
Tu hablo espanol?
N yes.Digo un pequeno espanol, pero no muy bien.
2 years of Espanol and 3 years of Francaise more years ago than I care to remember. Also one year of German but I remember Nada. Self taught Latin and still working on it. Interested in Chinese as well as Japanese but finding the time for such a mammoth undertaking is difficult.
OK and now a word from me to all of you. It so happens that I am quite proud of that outfit and still trying to figure how Miss M came to be in possession of it? This was taken whilst I was vacationing on the French Riviera last summer.of course we know what kind of beachwear is worn in France Big Grin This was never meant for less civilized eyes. My people will contacting your people Miss M. Eek
LOL Choo!! Not spongeboy, (are you messing with me??) Spongebob squarepants from the cartoon movie. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt since you mentioned you don't watch alot of TV...

Head case?? HA - we all know who the head case is around here and it ain't me...
(now everyone is going to be wondering if it's them)
Heck it's ALL of us, you included Mr Choo Razz
(No name for me yet? I'm so offended you don't trust me) Frown
Surprised you did not mention an API error in your post to Flexney, Choo

Well Taz with no mention of what the person had actually done and getting late here did not seem much point.

in your last appearance at Parliament

Can't be me, too alert, I'd be sitting head rolling backwards fast asleep like other back benchers, ha Razz

OK Choo, if not a name, how 'bout an age?? 75? 80? Sorry I'm just getting silly now
as if you could get any sillier.

Let me see Ms M, young enough to mess around with the likes of you, and old enough to know better. Razz

Edit - boy my sales would probably slump if my customers knew about this thread, glad I keep my id's different Wink
Whoo HOOO Taz, I've seen that pic before and actually it made me think of Pete!

But you missed my edit Miss M.
BTW poor Pete is going to be scrambling to see all the posts that he has gotten Whacked on while he was away!
Good thing I have my Ducking Taz as my avi, by the time they take a Whack at me I can duck and hide!
Nothing is ever easy with you is it
you wouldn't respect me in the morning if I was Wink
too lazy right now
Hey Taz another one needing a good sorting out Big Grin

Besides now I really think you're just trying to get rid of me
why would I want to do that. Wow that should prompt some more viewers to join in, come on folks why would I, keep the posts short no more than a 1,000 words each please Smile

edit - goodnight all, weary old man signing off Wink
********* long ole annoyin' as 7734 beep *********
Yore irregularly unscheduled lunacy is being interrupted for an unimportant announcement...

This here message was 'bout to be a happenin' later in th' week. Time's a tickin' so here 'tis just a wee bit earlier.
As sumthin' like Choo says, life does get in the way of all this fun an' play. An' oh how I does love me lunacy an' fellow loonies! Big GrinBig Grin

Beezy is takin' over fer a spell, an' so I'm jus' gonna drop off th' face o' th' earth, so to speak, fer a sorter long spell. Now don't none o' you kind folks go an' be worryin' 'bout li'l ole me. Wink I'll be doin' jus' fine! Heck, I might even git a chance to lurk 'round these here parts a bit. 'Course I'd be a sayin' howdy then! Checkin' up on that thare posse. Makin' shore them thare decks are gettin' swabbed!

Who's in charge o' th' brown pants 'n' red shirt? Taz, ain't you a-keepin' an eye out on that? Ok, I won't give it'nother thought then. I Will be a wonderin' what sorta mutated pretzels yore gettin' yoreself tangled up with tho'. Eek
Oh yeh, an' gimme jus' a day or two with th' D'Lorean an' it'll be all yores. Ya really oughta consider givin' it back t' Choo after ya've had yer fun withit. Ok?

Pete, ya certainly are in fer some shockin' readin' when ya get back! Red Face

Ninth, this li'l spyder shore does 'preciate ya rescuin' me from th' perils o' Choo's cow catcher (not to be confus'd witha cattle guard)!!! Dunno how I'd 've gotten outa that thare mess I trapped myself into! Coulda gotten real gutsy kinda nasty! ewwwwwwwwwwww!!! Wink Wink

Choo, ya shore are a tricky one, ya are! Big Grin

Miss M, you keep all these ornery rascals in line, ya hear? I 'spect you'll 've drug Choo's name outa 'im 'fore long, or at least 'is age. Big Grin
I'll be talkin' to ya Missy. Cool

I shore do like seein' all these new faces 'round here! Oughta make fer a great continuation of such awesome silliness! I'm countin' on seein' ya'll still hangin' out in this here neck o' th' woods when I get back now, ya hear?!

So without further much ado 'bout nothin', all o' ya'll take care! TTFN! Or if ya 'druther, BFN! Smile

********* 'nother long ole annoyin' as 7734 beep *********
Yore now bein' returned to yore irregularly unscheduled lunacy...
Namaste Taz,
Takin a break already?? As Miss S would say 'BAD Taz'! Big Grin You sure seem to work alot!

Speakin of Miss S...You BETTER do more than lurk here while you're away!! I miss you already..don't worry, I'll do my best to keep these guys in line Wink (oh that should be a trip) But I think I have Taz to help me..I hope Confused I think of Taz as a bodyguard ya know? That's a compliment Taz BTW. Just be sure to try and post a couple of times while you're gone. You know if you don't you'll never be able to catch up Smile

Oh hey Zebra, got your apple (you gotta eat it before it eats you, much like Taz's pretzels)

I think of Taz as a bodyguard
good grief I thought tough as he is you were his bodyguard, what with the apples you offer to your Zebra friend

Almost puts me off apples it looks so disturbing Eek

TTFN Shadeaux, pop in again soon don't let too many pages pass you by, you probably need to convalesce after riding my ghost train to hell Big Grin
No work at Magoo's yesterday Miss M, strictly pleasure. Big Grin That is one vicious looking apple Miss M,ya tryin to skeer da Zebra away? Red Face Confused. Never been a bodyguard,did have a couple in a past profession.(Long story!)
Worked as a bouncer at several local night clubs though, so bodyguard is not a far stretch.
I'll keep me steel toes at da ready!
Gotta to be able to wear me slippers occasionally doh!

Quite fetchin doncha yer tink?
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Choo, it looks like a lil' vampire apple doesn't it Eek I have more apple pics but if you didn't like this one you won't like the others either...

Ooo Taz those slippers look real comfy right about now..I don't know why I thought you were working, I do remember you saying you were going out with yer sweetie...chalk it up to my increasing senility Big Grin

Those don't look like steel toes in there're in BIG trouble Mister!

EDIT---Choo can you eat apples with your dentures??
SORRY...I couldn't resist Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

And I think I know what you sell..underwear? Boxer shorts? THONGS for men???
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Choo can you eat apples with your dentures??
dunno' yet, never could wiv' me teef Wink

And I think I know what you sell..underwear? Boxer shorts? THONGS for men???
you added thongs afterwards didn't you, I could probably do you one to suit Razz

Afterall if Taz is in to pink & fluffies you are probably into boys things, sorry thongs Razz
I just got back online...BUT I reported this mess almost 4 HOURS ago (3 different times no less) and NADA!
There's no report button anywhere that I can find, or a reply button for that matter?? I can't find your reply at all...
Where the hell is Jeff when we need him??? I had to put in a support request because there are no buttons ?? What's up with that?
Thank GOD it is gone now! That was FOUL! The Gods ave eard me prayers. Tout I may have to call me Sweetie to help me recover me wits! ( Strickly medicinal Ya know!)
EDIT: Me tinks dis may be one of our spam bandits come back to aunt us. Wadder ya tink? We/I did get a bit brutal( Under da auspices of AJ's invertation)
Now yeave gone and done done er Bluto yeave angered da Taz in me! (Sickened me to me guts too)Blech yuk GAG GAG dat was disgustin ! No?
Taz, seriously, there were none of the buttons for report, edit, etc. No reply button either. I tried to see your replies but the page wouldn't move. No did they do that? But 4 hours for God sake..I filed support almost as soon as it was posted, came back just now and it was still there. Unbelievable..someone at Auctiva was sure asleep at the switch!

Oh, I emailed Miss S and she saw it too, she had no buttons either. ???
Look at my new thread in the lounge! look like something yeave seen before? But a lot more tasteful!
EDIT - wonder if we'll get an apology for the fact that it was left up for 4 hours (doubt it)

Gotta side with Auctiva on this one Miss M apology is not to be expected. This is a little used feature that some scalawag took advantage of. I reported the post Via the tab inside of the posting and within 15 to 20 minutes it was gone.
I believe they were on the job. Hard to keep track of every single post.
That's true,

I'm just so used to getting an almost instant response the few times I had to file a support request...I wish I would have used that comment button 4 hours ago, darn Mad Going on 5 now..

I think out of out little group here, you, me, and Miss S were the only ones to see that piece of crap...You might be right, it could very well have been one of the spammers.

Might be good to implement a little bit more strict criteria of who can sign up..just thinkin out loud, I know that's probably not possible...Maybe at least have to be an ebay member or somethin...
It showed having 28 views when I reported it. Very few people saw it and I do not think anyone was able to figure the way to answer it or report it until I did. Very tricky to navigate if you are used to the normal Auctiva forum, and very poor design by Auctiva IMHO!
Edit: I did save da evidence of da crime if anyone from da group wants to be sickened! Just could not believe it and thought I was the only one to have seen it. But I am like a wolf on a lamb or a spider on a fly! Hmm, sounds like our Miss S!
You know me I submit my opinion and vehemently defend it, like it or not!
Just so youse all knows da truth. Da Ninth was amonst da select few ta view da disgustin cow, or was it a pig? Anyways, bestiality aint da Ninths style. Tanks to youse both fer yer most diligent efforts ta clean up da pond scum. Much obliged, and speakin for da spider too ifin she don't feel fit ta comment on such an egregious assault on her delicate constitution. Eek
you have NO idea what you missed here tonite
was it anything like Pete's uglypeople site which had some fine mates for Jabba the Hutt one was possibly even his mother-in-law. Eek

Never mind it all pales into insignificance due to the storm blowing in from ebay over the removal of our rights as sellers to red or even neutral a bad buyer today Mad
Hi ninth (waving)..long time no see.

Hi Choo..oooo I just saw that myself, I even found a link:

But believe me when I say it's NOTHING compared to what we saw last night!

But in all seriousness, about the FB thing,,,What IDIOT thought up this bright idea?? Those people at ebay have nothing better to do than think up new stupid policies and change change and more change on each & every's a wonder that a new person can even navigate the site. I don't now if you've bought anything lately, but now when you go to pay, you still sign into paypal, but you never actually get into your account..all the pages are still ebay. I find it very annoying. I guess they don't realize that they're going to end up with NO sellers...which will = NO buyers...I'm beginning to see their downfall and they have no one to blame but themselves.

And nope, I'm NOT gettin off this soapbox Smile

EDIT - I just got this bit of news from kbalona (hope you don't mind K, gonna post it here)
Fees - not exactly what we were all hoping for..

Now WHERE did I put that Valium???????
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But believe me when I say it's NOTHING compared to what we saw last night!
, well it would take my mind off effbay.

Just think we will probably chatting away on this thread when ebay has flushed itself down the loo providing Auctiva is not dragged down with it.

Do you think this was what some insiders were hinting about in PayPal that they should distance themselves from effbay this year ?
Perhaps they announced this well in advance to test the water which is the only positive side I can see and I shall be watching the listing stats on the powersellersunite site very closely.

Most go have a look there about this, perhaps they will rise again.

I think I can sell up my more valuable bits and pieces before May then seriously look at my own website as hosting 'rent' and domain names are becoming so cheap these days.

The low value items will be best now on a smaller UK site and I think I need to confirm the the cost of a effbay store is even worse now per item.

Even this thread is suffereing, we need a massive injection of lunacy, pleeeasssee Eek
Yes I did see it, learning about the AuctionBytes and Powersellerunite sites are some of the most useful things I have learnt on here.

I subscribe to the AB newsletters, most interesting and full of effbays misdeeds, they have a blog on the feedback issue growing fast and similar on effbay, had to turn off the mail notification on effbay's, they were coming in faster than a spider-fly epsiode. Trouble is they only supply a link, at least from here you see what someone posted before they edited it Wink
Oh carp, see how upset I am with all of this bad news...I know you're 6 hours ahead of me and yet I was thinking 4:30 in the morning. Aarrgghh! Roll Eyes

I'm a powerseller every summer (my items are seasonal) I am not looking forward to see what this is gonna cost me, ugh!

Ok enough of that on out thread...I'll see if I can dig up somethin to cheer you up Wink
Ok enough of that on out thread...
Confused spellung chugger blown up again ?

Well, until Taz steps in with his mutant pretzels straining at the lead, did you know he was going to take up breeding them now, rottweillers are no longer mean enough.

Train them and start selling them outside of certain offices, hey throw in some of your vampire apples to appeal to the healthy eaters, yeah, "I like it when a plan comes together" Big Grin
No nightmares. Guess I was lucky. Hopefully no brain damage from viewing such guff!
Choo yer lucky ye did not se er. She were a foul creature from the ocean depths! Almost made me wanna wear de Brown Pantaloons! Tout bout wearin de red shirt round me head to protect from bleedin from da ears!
Did you know a photo gallery was possible on here?
I never saw a need for one and really think it is poorly designed. I am assuming you saw my post "Taz test"?
it grew 5 pages of "WHAT"

Well JeffS, lighthearted escapism with friends from both sides of the pond who are very unlikey to have met or meet each other and who have the same wacky, even black humour and want a bit of lighthearted interactive banter.

Plenty of place elsewhere to talk shop, me, I love it great imaginative exchanges which are a pleasure to participate in. Big Grin
yeah! -- what Taz said! -- Minefield! Watch where ya' step !!
... AND if that weren't quadrupeds have to be *doubly* careful ya' know?!

Just for the record tho... m's apple didn't skeer me off. Just noboby saw me hiding in the tall grass! Besides.. I got teeth too! (well ok..most of em anyway)
And in TX we don't bother with health-warnings...shucks!-they'd have to be everywhere! Naww..we figured it's simpler to just wear tall boots everywhere we go! -- Kinda' like for this place! (hey! I guess that's sorta' like gittn' it from the horse's! Wink Big Grin
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Well Miss M I was going to post early this AM after work. But I got to busy stirring the kettle in the petition thread in eBay Talk.
I don't think JeffS realizes how vocal I am and sometimes I like to create controversy to bring more responses. Especially when I take something seriously. hope I have not offended him but I have gotten some good talk going there! Even if it is just lay down and let eBay walk on me talk!
Well JeffS if you see this post here certainly was not trying to offend you
I think even Choo is afraid to come back now

No way just been kinda busy domestically and moving listings over to another UK auction site with rather primitive tools Frown

Rather spoilt here with Auctiva, then need to get some decent stuff out on to effbay before May, no real choice as the big buyers hang out there. They are all dead cert list once and sell items that I can reliably put out at 99p and will be fought over, a one off set of items.

Then continue looking around for more venues, happy days, I think this fee & feedbackl ruckus has even distorted the flow here too, and that will not do !!! Mad
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Choo, I did't think you HAD a heartbeat ? Big Grin

""I think this fee & feedbackl ruckus has even distorted the flow here too, and that will not do !!!""

I think you are absolutely right...this asylum really does need a lunacy button..And I have one I wanted to add, but they must be working on the site again...everything I try to do other than these boards shows a message about Thurs night maintenence Confused
Wow, Ms M, you're quite the software whizz-kid, you have built a complete effbay technical support simulator, full functionality and response, good for you.

Good grief it even works as well as my ISP's support to, it is atruely marvellous creation, and your right it kick starts lunacy, jibber, jibber dribble . ... Frown

If I haven't got a heartbeat who else is in there with me, ooh, scary Eek

edit - was going to crrect the typo's so many, too late, smelling chugger, chuggered Frown
You do of course know who Britney Spears is Choo?
One of her first songs that launched her to the ??? TOP ??? was "Oops I Did it Again"
Now of course yesterday for the second time in a few weeks she has been committed. Took a caravan of police escorts etc... to take her to the hospital.
Said in the paper that the convoy was the length of a football field!
HMMM??? How many heartbeats do you hear Choo?
Perhaps it is time for YOUR shot of Thorazine.
Miss M the patients are awaiting your ever so talented hands!
We are still prepping things Choo! Should be time for your thorazine. I've got it right here.Miss M is indisposed so I brought my Evil Nurse Wanda to administer the injection.
Now this won't hurt one bit, just roll over while she slides this 20 gauge 1.5 inch needle in.
Edit: Forgot you guys are metric there! 3.81 CM long needle

Hey there Choo! yer back !
...sure they will be back with lunacidal zeal

...I'm sure you're right about that! Oh dear! Eek

Ok..I need some help here! Somebody tell me how the 'clock' works around here! By that I mean.. my last post shows as 11:11 pm. Now I know that wasn't my local time! Nor could it have been either EST of PST here in the U.S.! Furthermore, your last post shows as 01:48 AM...(it being almost 12hrs from your previous post) this doesn't seem right either! Now maybe it was actually the wee-hours in the morning when you posted (local time for you in UK) ...but as I remember, it doesn't seem like 12 hours since I saw it show up on the boards. ???

Can somebody gimme' a clue here? Confused
Wow, lots of overtime for me this weekend...I'll be glad when today is over, I'm tired,(yawn) Smile

Taz, thank you for recruiting my sidekick Evil Nurse Wanda when I was unable to help you with Choo (note: she does NOT replace my usual sidekick - Miss S) Big Grin...see Choo, and you thought I was up to no good...

Zebra, what song? Confused
And I wonder why your time stamps are showing up like that?? They should show as PST, it's a little after 10am here now so mine shows as 8 something..Choo is about 6 hours ahead of me, I think its probably 4pm there.

Well gotta go (groaaan)
But I'll be back tonite .. I need my lunacy button....Smile
Hey there Choo! yer back !

Didn't know I'd been anywhere ... Confused

well the time here is about 5pm so assuming a few minutes delay to arrive you can see the time difference. I only see the time of actual posting from the copies that arrive via the e-mail notification, when viewing these boards the time appears as my selected timezone of GMT.

see Choo, and you thought I was up to no good...

And why would I think that Roll Eyes

Fancy leaving me in the hands of, sorry claws of Taz's mutant pretzel nurse. Eek
Didn't know I'd been anywhere ... Confused

well Choo...sorry if I missed something, but last I heard - you were outta' here on a GHOST TRAIN!
For all I knew, it coulda' been a " ...Midnight Train to Georgia"!? Big Grin -- I wouldn't be surprised! As I CLOCK is all messed up! Frown

Anyway... I'm beginning to realize the board's time is set to PST here in the States! -- So I guess I can do a little arithmetic to figure out when I might get away with posting silly stuff while nobody's looking (and probably asleep). Afterall... I'm not inclined to show my butt around here while EVIL NURSE WANDA is anywhere to be seen!! -- I HATE NEEDLES!! Eek

... on the other hand...I bet TAZ doesn't actually sleep AT ALL! -- Yep!..that could explain a few things! Big Grin
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Hi Zebra, well a dozen or so pages ago in the mists of epic thread time there was to be a train 'joust' cum 'duel' between JeffS and I, unfortunately Shadeaux AKA spider took me up on a VIP ticket, front seat on the cow catcher !

Eventually rescued by ninth AKA as her fly at the last moment so rather than be stuck like a pig with one of Ms M's needles (many more pages ago she was playing darts with them) or Taz's mutant pretzel nurse I decided I stood more chance of surviving by riding my ghost train to hell.

Quite simple really Big Grin
OK Choo, you asked for it...this is how I feel after 26 hours of work this Sat & Sun...You think Evil Wanda is scary?? HA!!

I actually turn into one...I'm waiting for Taz, got my needles, and we're coming to GET you Eek

We'll get PETE too, he has to show up sooner or later....

Hi Z - you're safe, you're an innocent bystander so don't worry (yet) Big Grin
I'm ready for yere !

I am so angry over recent events particularly at the moment especially on the thread "suggestions->Auto Feedback is obsolete" I will take you all on including Wanda whether she looks like the unfortunate creature above or not Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

You had better get out the tranquiliser gun, Hulk your elder brother has arrived, grrrrrrrrr Mad
Just popping in to say hello.Super busy this week,doing a bit of moving Big Grin Read in to that what you may! LOL
Start my new job next week and trying to get everything caught up in between.
Busy weekend with my GF I have been reading the thread but have not found the time to post.
Glad to see evil Wanda has kept the entertainment factor alive in my absence.
awww shucks Taz! ... ya can't let the little snakes like that jerk yer reins!
but i'll be happy to fly as your wingman anytime! Just lead the way Pappy!

anyway... did I mention it was me mum's birthday today? - 76!
Yep!..and still kickn' like she was the Energizer Bunny! Yeah I know...noboby quite appreciates a mother like her own kids. All the same, I was thrilled to snag a 2'x2.5' collector's lithograph of Mick Jagger & Keith Richards out on the bay for her! Smile

hey!..?? where's Shadeaux been hiding out lately? And what about Lusty-eyes?!..those haunting eyes! heck..I thought maybe she might be Eve's sister...what with that apple she was offering! Wink Maybe we oughta' have missy-M and Shadeaux lure that silly snake over here so as to give him a real proper whack'n ! And Choo?..we could even lay him out on the tracks for ya' !

- Now listen to me would ya'....I'm gittn' a little silly huh? ..must be the air in here!
Well I guess I'll go on and bed-down for the night. Pleasant dreams all! Hasta luego mi amigos!
those haunting eyes! heck..I thought maybe she might be Eve's sister...what with that apple she was offering!

Zeb I never let the little snakes jerk my chain! I do jerk a few chains myself occasionally when I feel someone is out of line. I really try to contain myself but some posts are just so offensive or asinine I cannot control myself!
I love the posts in particular that say " I have searched the forums and cannot find a answer too ... " When the answer is only 3 or 4 tabs down and right on top of the boards ie: instead of being in Getting Started it is in Store Window and Store.
Miss S is on some sort of break?? And Miss M I guess is working a lot right now. Pete seems to be AWOL and I am pretty sure Choo is just waiting to jump in.
Mum likes the Stones! My mum is only 64 and even the Beatles are a stretch for her! I saw the Stones in concert back in 90 I believe it was. Right after I saw the Who's 25 year tour in 89
Choo is just waiting to jump in

There's been very little to jump into these days, been looking rather threadbare around here lately Wink

And Choo?..we could even lay him out on the tracks for ya' !

Errm, excuse me, whose the 'we' and what tracks do you have in mind, sounds like a Zebra has been sniffing too much dodgey grass in their nosebag Big Grin
Mum likes the Stones?..
yeah..long story + hard to explain! Kinda' crazy though! Believe it or not..I was giving her a little ebay tour the other night..and wouldn't ya know it!..she caught an instant mad-dog case of auction-bidding hysteria! Sit'n right there beside me too! Take it from me!...It were pretty scary Pal ! [as in PAY~Pal !! ] Ya'll would {*Love*} to see a lot more 'mothers' let loose out in ebay like mine! You'd think you were in Paradise! ~ oh well... The Jagg'd Stones kinda played a little rough-on-the-soul fer me, and a bit of a back-seat rank in my favor to the WHO ~but that's just me. As an aside, WHO can be found in the favor of JeffS !!/?? Roll Eyes But in all fairness and respect to Mick, and especially to missy-M, ...I hereby confess and admit to my fondness for "the girl with faraway eyes!) Wink

For the record...I've noticed your ability to jerk a chain.. i'm impressed. Steering clear of any tug-o-war with you..makes bitingly-perfect sense to me! But honestly now,..about those eye-torquing graphics you come up with!? Like the giant qwerty-bar, an ancient epicurean delight? Where have You been fish'n neighbor? Out in the stockyard tank? Around these parts..the Bubbas might see that as a compliment! ~ but then again.. if ya' showed 'em Missy's after-work snapshot...they'd bug ya' to no end for her phone number! So in deference to Persius (& JeffS)..your secret is safe with me! ~ cuz I'm telling anyone who asks..that my multi-tongue buddy Taz up in PA ..always loves the Daily Special! but do NOT Spit on His Food! Big Grin Wink
Its gettin HOT in Here! Alright Miss M where DA he- doble tootpicks R Ye?
Da brown pants R gone and I'm wearin da red-shirt.
Mind ye nae becarse I b skeered or nuttin but Zeb did imply that de brown pantaloons wood be matchin the Zebra plush carpet that e b layin down.
Now I b wearin da red shirt dat Miss S has bequeathed me but da parrot ship I be lookin at has a bunch of pursies sailin pon er.
OMG Please save me dum arse I've finally gone oe'r-board
Hep me, Hep me Cecil cld ya be directin me ter Ms Brtneys womb, and if'n knot art least to Kevins tell-all 10 Million dollar tale?
Trying to crawl out from under the worst flu I've ever had

Eeeek, where's the bug spray, only this thread could suffer from a human virus, Eek

Sorry to hear that Ms M, I wondered where everyone had gone, if I hadn't posted this afternoon we would have had 24 hours go by with a murmer, even this thread was appearing run down.

Me awake, ok Zebra I'd better check on that, errm, pinched myself but was I dreaming that it hurt Confused

Trust Taz to pick something more adveturous like African fever Roll Eyes
I wondered where everyone had gone, if I hadn't posted this afternoon we would have had 24 hours go by with a murmer, even this thread was appearing run down.

Well we can't have guys have to keep it going, I'm sure you can do without lil ol' me for awhile...but I DO miss picking on Choo Wink
And has anyone heard from Pete?? He's really been gone a long time.