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Okay, Taz, very seriously, I've been stuck in that mess all this time. It seemed they were working on it somehow because I could do my messages and labels, sometimes get to my summary quicker and sometimes not.

I wouldn't pull your leg about something like that. Wink As I'd say in person... I sh** you not. Big Grin

It peeves me to no end and I will certainly let them know about it and what you did for me!
Your avatar should be 48 x 48 you can load a larger one and it will appear huge and then shrink as that is all that Auctiva allows. If you want to fix it right click your avatar and save it then upload the new one to Auctiva or wherever you want to host it and it will not mushroom anymore.
No reason to have your Auctiva ID the same as FeeBays other than ease of finding your auctions.
Case In point Miss M's is different also
No there is no need to talk I am currently going to school to get my CDL (Commercial Drivers License) and one day I too can drive a truck loaded with
TY for the offer of talking sometimes I do have a habit of utilizing a very DRY humour.
Suicide I guess is nothing to joke about and I have lost some very dear friends and family members because of it. Furthest thing from my mind though!
Good morning and good grief all, 92 to mails relating to updates to this thread since I signed off last night. Eek

Just as well I am in a different time zone as I would not get anything done joining in with this wonderful madhouse of a thread. Smile

Regarding my name there's one for you, my ID here is different to my eBay ID because I prefer anonimity but my interests are definately railway orientated. Big Grin
Good morning.
It's great what Taz did! I can get all over the place now. I can even research and I could go shopping if I want. woohoo!

Sexy St Pete, how's everyone feeling? I hope you've gotten some rest and feel well. Smile

Choo, Charlie used to be my nickname. I think noone remembers it but me. How about ... I dunno... I'm stuck on Stanley. Big Grin Any hints?

Didn't recognize me huh? A spidey in hiding. I'm pretty much a nocturnal creature, so isn't that befitting? lol Wink Off to explore on eBay some more... at lightning speeds. lol Have a happy day all.
Hey there Miss S,
At least your name still starts with S Big Grin

How ya be today? Surprised your up as early as I am, but I guess 9:30 (or 0930 as Choo would say) isn't all that early.

I was shopping already this A.M.--more bigcrumbs pennies for both of us Big Grin

EDIT EDIT We're having a BIG snowstorm right now Shirley, grab your mittens and get over here ... We'll whoop the pants off those boys with our snowballs Big Grin
Hi Shirley, thanks for asking - Stevie's temperature now seems normal, but the poor little bugger is still getting very tired very quick, and has little appetite, Sally and I still feel absolutely lousy, and I have the mother and father of coughs to go with it Roll Eyes This flu bug has truly screwed up our Christmas this year - did you ever hear of an 8 year old boy who couldn't be bothered to open and play with his presents?

Oh well, hopefully start improving soon.
Hey, Miss M. Yeh, been up since about 8:30. Choo, if it was p.m., would you say 21:... lol I know... j/k Wink Young un HAHA Young at heart... BTW, I love Laurel & Hardy. Yeh, I shoulda gotten it right away. Just dingy is all. Big Grin

Pete, I think the aftermath is sometimes worse than the actual illness. My girls and I are havin' our Christmas this weekend. It won't hurt a thing to delay it a bit. The holidays tend to spread out over about a two week period for me. One of the reasons I cooked that turkey breast on Boxing Day. Smile Maybe ham while there... yummmm! And I KNOW some of her special buttermilk pie and the youngest makes a better cheesecake than mine. OMG I can't wait!!! lol
Back now..Shirley, you'll be happy, not working today but SHOPPING today (online of course)

Pete--why don't you kind of improvise from what Shirley is going to do? Celebrate Christmas next weekend (or whenever family feels up to it). Tell Stevie Santa knew he was sick and is making up a new Christmas Eve just for him (uh-oh...does he still believe in Santa??) Or something to that effect should work. Poor little guy, he must have been REALLY sick not to have any interest in his gifts.Frown
awww ty. Aren't you sweet Pete! THAT's it!!! You're Sweet Pete to me from now on. Wink

I picture you giving him a kind of fairytale wonderland after-Christmas Christmas. lol Sort of like a themed birthday party... Smile Making glittery snowflakes and paper chains and popcorn strings that he can help make, and using them like streamers all around. His favorite meal of maybe grilled cheese sandwiches and soup, with a giant cookie for dessert. Then off on a treasure hunt for the best of all gifts, clues hidden on some of the snowflakes maybe, starting with a tiny unimpressive gift to open first...

My grown kids still love when they get a treasure hunt gift. Big Grin
Hi Guys been busy busy busy today. Working on a BMW I am getting ready to put on eBay, never again will I buy a BMW. Great when they are working right but a nightmare to replace things on. The computer went bad on it and I had to rip half the interior apart to replace it!
No Miss M it was not me that posted Santa flashing!
Sorry to hear you are not feeling well Pete, guess the Whiskey preventative treatment did not work Frown
Miss S a new Name to go with your escape from the Playground?
Still experimenting with Avatars Miss M I do not like the new one either and will be trying a few more. So without further ado I present the new me for your approval or disapproval!
I noticed that with your avatar also Susanne? Right now it is showing clearly for me? If it does not straighten out soon try to save it to your desktop then upload to Auctiva and use that URL.
I never heard of were your avatar is located and I cannot get their website to load on my PC? Possibly they are having server problems?
You can see it? I see either nothing at all, or a box with the red X. Too bad it won't load for you, (wonder why?) they have some great avatars.

Thanks for the suggestion tho, I will prolly have to do that.

But see, your avatar is making me dizzy again ... I'm already dizzy enough Big Grin

EDIT//edit--I guess it's back now I can see it too. Did you extend your magic over the internet and fix it? Big Grin
Hey. Smile
Yeh Taz, gotta celebrate gettin' outa that nasty ole playground. Went to that site ya'll were talkin' about and found this new avi to go with it. Check it out Miss M! Big Grin

I vote for the 3rd one, since you don't like the 2nd shrunk. I found one with an 8 ball on his chest if you want it. lol Not an 8 ball, but an 8 in a circle, anyway it's pretty cute. Have fun at work.

How're you Miss M? You here? Wonder where Ninth got off to. Ya think I scared him? Red Face
Well, I'm off to sleep... Gotta get up really early in the morning. I have to tell ya about this first. Smile

Last year I replaced all the windows in my house with those expensive double-pane energy efficient kind. Last week I got a call from the contractor, complaining his work had been completed a year ago and I had yet to pay for them.

Man oh man, did we go around and around about that. Just because I'm a blonde does Not mean I'm automatically stupid!

So, I proceeded to tell him just what his fast-talking sales guy had told me last year - namely, that in one year, the windows would pay for themselves.... There was silence on the other end of the line, so I just hung up. I haven't heard anything back. Big GrinBig Grin

In case I don't make it by... I hope everyone has a very Safe & Happy New Year!!! xo Wink
Talk to ya'll next year, hopefully before.

Sheesh what a bunch of one around yet?? I had to watch my Sat morning cartoons before getting online. Young at heart, right Shirley Wink

This thread seems to be winding down, so just in case, would like to wish a Happy Happy New Year to everyone, in particular to the great Auctiva staff that help us so much throughout the year (and have been SO patient while we tie up space with our crazy ramblings) Smile
THANK YOU for everything!!

EDIT--And once again, huge congrats Auctiva Jeff on your beautiful new baby! Enjoyed the pic on the other thread, he's perfect. What a holiday gift,eh?

I'll check in later to see if anyone has surfaced...remember, we have to try to keep this thread going til New Year's Wink
Hi Choo, Hi Taz,

How is everyone today??

Wow the reply button was excruciatingly s l o w for me just now, then I got the dreaded 'page not found-cannot find server'.

Today at least I have no life, just gonna be a couch potato (thank God for laptops HA). Too much snow & ice outside and nowhere I really have to go.

I think Shirley's away for New Year's, Pete is probably sick, and ninth has been MIA for awhile now. Wonder if he's seen Shirley's new avatar.. Wink
Well Steve I left that one over 20 minutes ago, they all get out of synch causing threads like this to get extremely tricky to follow, and then th e-mail notifications sometimes come through before a refresh of this page shows an update.

What's all this about having a life, new one on me, "I type therefore I am" Smile

Must go dinner (evening here) being dished up, back later. Big Grin

Cor, another just arrived, but dinner first, need food to type !
So Choo you are following the thread by email. I am not sure what kind of delay there is between post and email being sent out.
In your last post you said you just got another email.
If it was Miss M's looks like you have about a 8 minute lag time.
Wow that sure is a lot of email you must be getting then! Wonder why you were not getting them for awhile?
Pete must really be feeling under the weather to not be around. Either that or he is feeling better and did something with his son.?
Being sick during the holidays is really awful.
I had the measles when I was 6 for Christmas and I remember how sad I was.
I've been sick over the holidays since I was older but definitely the worst for me was when I was a kid.
Hope your little boy is feeling better Pete and you were able to figure something special out to do for him
Wow my PC says my virtual memory is running low and is going to increase it, great, now I might virtually remember what I forgot to do today Roll Eyes

Me bored Confused

Not on here Smile afterall how will the time delays interlace this reply with stateside.

Whoops here comes another mail, ah the one 8880 posted from not so sunny Chicago 8 minutes ago, which agrees what you estimated earlier Steve.
Hi folks, just a quick surface before going back to curl up for a while. Thanks for your thoughts! Stevie is MUCH better now, thankfully. I am still feeling like carp, but it is improving, so on my way back. Sally seems to be over it too now. Last night my boy was watching his favourite TV program, You've Been Framed (don't know if you guys over there have that, or anything like it?) - anyway, he came over and sat on the arm of my chair and leant against me and put his arm round my neck, and spent the hour like that! And that from a kid who doesn't think cuddles and hugs are cool - I was well chuffed, I can tell you! Big Grin

Still haven't decided what treat to give him yet, but we will. OK my lovelies, I'm back off to bed for a while now, see y'all Smile
Hi just trying to provoke Ninth Razz into responding as well.

I tend to think on any forum connected to eBay in anyway one is better to keep undercover and BTW apart from references by Steve to you as Ms M (presumeabably a shortening of Member ...)cannot say I recall seeing your name either. Smile

The time delays on this forum need tobe quickened up.

Perhaps we suggest that Auctiva supply us with alive chat room to save overloading the servers with this thread of epic proportions. Big Grin
I believe somewhere in this thread I posted that I wondered if we could have 5,000 hits by New Years! We have BLOWN that one away!
I am truthfully quite surprised that Auctiva Jeff has not stopped in to say hello or to tell us to BEHAVE ourselves!
Edit: AHHH see what you started Miss M all this ESP and stuff and now I have gotten stuck in your head. "You are getting SLEEPY" keep your eyes on the gold watch.
believe somewhere in this thread I posted that I wondered if we could have 5,000 hits by New Years! We have BLOWN that one away!

I remember seeing that too somewhere, but NOT gonna go back & look for it! At least we are entertaining to some, and probably ridiculous to others. Oh well Smile

I bet Auctiva Jeff would LOVE to contribute to this thread, but I'm sure it wouldn't be 'proffessional' for him to do so. (Too bad, too)

And BTW I don't need a gold watch to get 'sleepy' Big Grin Got up way too early today!
Yeah but how will I mesmerize you if I do not first HYPNOTIZE you?
OH my single life is changing me in so many ways!
Hurry up New Years Eve. Wonder if it is true what they say that what you are doing at midnight New Years Eve will follow you through the New Year?
OH great now I have to worry about being stalked by a 23 year old HOTTIE all year.
I just may crawl under a rock instead!
Sorry Taz, but I'm 'mesmerize-proof' these days Big Grin

I remember (sorta) what it was like to be single, SO long ago Big Grin

Choo, I would think they'd shut us down if there was any dangers to their servers, right?? I'm sure they will eventually, I'm getting the feeling this thread's gonna go on forever.....

edit---I'll bet they have ALOT of new customers because of this.
Hello there all you wild and wacky denizens of the BIG thread. I just know you really missed me (not really) but it seems like I have been doing the light fandango all over the Reno/Lake Tahoe playground. It's nice to have people in from out of town, but it can get awfully busy showing them around, not to mention a drag on the pocketbook. Well it will definitely go back to the usual boredom after the 1st when they're all gone. (Boo Hoo).

I've just been doing a lot of quick reading trying to get caught up on all the posts but it is nearly impossible, this thread is gigantic! I 'm glad to see Choo back in the game (you were gone a long time, Choo). Pete, glad you and your's are over the worst. There's nothing worse than being sick, especially during the holidays. Taz, great save getting Miss S out of that playground fiasco. I copied the link just in case it happens to me. Great move. Speaking of great moves, sounds like you're revved up to make a few yourself.

Miss M, what's with a frozen rats? Is hubby a demented psycho or what? (Rhetorical, you don't need to answer that). Glad you are getting a day of sunshine at least. Miss S, love your new avatar, and the cookies sound delicious, can't wait to try one or two (or three or four). Wink

Anyway it's good to be back on the big board with all you highjinxers, but now they want to go to the casinos at the Lake and win some more money. Personally, I suck at gambling, it's just not my thing. If I don't check in by New Years, then I want to wish everybody a very Happy New Year, may we all get rich in 2008! Yeah! Big Grin
Good luck at the gaming tables Ninth, my sister lives in Vegas but I have never made it out there. One of these days I guess.
I am going to have to re-read a few things I missed the frozen rats somehow?
Happy New Years Ninth and everyone else!
Edit: OK went back and found the rats. Having had a pet shop before Miss M, my guess is you guys have a snake or some other meat eating reptile? Either that or your hubby picked up some frozen rats as a favor for a friend with one of the above?
I do not know how I missed that one as that was the post were I figured out you were married. Gee figured out? That just does not sound right, it was there in black and white!
Hi Taz - Vegas is a great place to visit, but I haven't been there for years myself. I keep meaning to get down there. I'd like to add my vote for your current avatar, definitely the best one.

How could you miss the frozen rats in the freezer? Miss M only mentioned it in one post, so it was easy to miss. I'm dying to know more about that, but don't want to push any buttons. Although your explanation sounds quite reasonable. Edit- I had a pet snake once, it ate baby mice but the hassle of keeping it fed was just too much, plus it escaped from it's cage once, so that was enough of that - bye bye Mr Snake.
Hi Ninth,

Really glad to see you back, thought maybe you were sick too but NO you're out having a good time IN THE SUN no doubt Smile

No, the rat thing isn't for a pet snake (I wish it was) I was just so shocked when I went to get some ice and thought, hmmm what's in these baggies..YUCK!! Almost had a heart attack! Our neighborhood is overrun with rats because of SO many illegals living in each household the garbage is just overwhelming. City won't do anything about it...god forbid they "offend" anyone by insisting they abide by housing codes...

Anyway, hubby ran over 2 rats with his car in the alley so he bagged 'em and he's gonna drop them off at our alderman's office.

Does anyone else think this is just wrong to keep them in the freezer next to the food?? (which is already thrown out) *shudder* Big Grin Big Grin

To his credit at least, he tried to keep them frozen outside cos it's been so cold but our Rott kept getting ahold of them anyway.

Just one big EWWWWW from me.........

BTW ninth, baby mice are so cute I could NEVER feed them to a snake ... Big ole' rats however are another story Eek

Anyway, glad you checked in!!