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Yeh, you're right Miss M, he's layin' it on thick and we love it. Big Grin

It would have to be uploaded to somewhere first. I don't remember my login to photobucket or would put it there. Do you have another pic host?

edit... hah! Glad I posted or I'd be lost wondering where ya'll went. I can go get an account over there if you don't have one. Want me to?
edit/edit... never mind. Your post was last. I'd have found ya. That link is forbidden access, it says. Confused
Hi folks - Sorry to be so MIA lately. I've just been out and about trying to get ready for the 'record breaking, monster' storm that's starting to crunch down on us. They're calling for winds of 150mph up in the passes, with 5-7ft of snow, and 60 to 80mph here in Reno.
Ninth I definitely think this is you! Sorry to OUT you like this!
Thank you. Smile I saw it somewhere and loved it so changed it on here. Then my oldest daughter told me, earlier today even, that she has that on her MySpace page. GMTA lol

edit- Oh, I get it. LOL Ok, it's back. Wink
edit/edit- If I could make up my mind whether it's checked or not. Big Grin
It's easier cause I keep forgetting to uncheck the box before posting.
Hi don't you guys and gals get any sleep, congrats on busting through the 1000th post at such speed, I see some of you are still up at 3am your time.

Just spent an hour catching up with nearly 150 mails from this thread, that's more like it.

I should have got up earlier but being an ugly sort of guy I need plenty of beauty sleep. Wink

Oh, the snow -fairy picture, ermmm, less said about that the better Eek
Originally posted by Shadeaux:
No Ninth, nothin' 'thick'. I'll just tell you what a sweet li'l fly you are.

Sorry to confuse you, I must be getting rummy because I didn't mean you at all. I meant that I wasn't laying it on thick, hope you catch my drift.

Choo - Steamy? It's just your imagination. GAR means 'get a room', Miss M wants to take a fire hose to us. Don't know what she means.
Hello my lovelies, I'm back!! Big Grin

Happy New Year to one and all, and my humblest apologies for missing out on all the fun you were having (I assume you were, there's an awful lot of posts and views for this thread now). Have I missed anything I need to go and read? There's such a lot since I fell sick, I don't think I can go and trawl all through them!

Did ya miss me? Well, did ya, did ya? Razz
THERE you are! Just read the last page (if you can get thru Miss S & Ninth's goo-goo eyes) and you'll see we were wondering about you. Glad to see you're back, too bad you missed the fun last night. We are definitely the AAC!

So are you better now? How was your New Years?

If I stop answering in a little while it's cos I have to go out for about 1/2 hr but I'll be back, as Arnold would say Smile
Good mornin'. Smile

Choo, when you get several rooms, hotels will give a discounted rate, sometimes majorly discounted. Or is that not what you mean?
At the risk of mentioning the snow fairy again, I won't mention it because I might say too much. Big Grin

AAC, yep, we were tired Ninth. lol How are you?
I didn't realize we'd misbehaved so badly. Roll Eyes I don't remember if we said don't read it anywhere. uh-oh...

Miss M, if you'll put a space between that last dot and the 'h', your link will work. It's good with copy/paste now. Wink

Hi Pete! Glad to see you're feeling better and up 'n' at 'em. Bless your heart, it's the pits when it has to pass around the family like that. Don't overdo it now and be sure you still rest well! *mother hen* lol
Hi girls Cool It warms my heart that you are the first peeps to welcome me back Wink

Shirley, you been misbehavin' while I've been gone? Eek Never mind, you can come and 'mother' me anytime! Big Grin

Susanne, my New Year's was a low key event, as I'm sure you'll understand, but hey ho, that's how the cookie crumbles. I'm just glad to see my boy running around like his old self again :-)
I sure couldn't do that every day. lol
I'll be here off and on... yeah! No work today, so we can play? Big Grin

I think we should try to find something with at least one kitchenette so we can cook for ourselves. Miss M, you don't have to cook. Smile Whatcha think?

edit- Cookies? Did I hear cookies? Chicken noodle soup and cookies... that'll cure anything. lol
Hi Pete yes it's just they (the girls) used GAR in a curious way on page 57 and wading through last nights 150 odd mail notifications about this thread I overdosed and got word blind drunk.

You ought to peruse the last few pages before they wake up and get stuck in again.

I think I still have the snow fairy pic in my deleted mail folder, (so no need to send it to me again Ms M, I beg you not too Eek)

Believe it was Steve who posted the picture temporarily, not sure whether it was self portrait or not.
Hey Pete, it's on page 55 or 56 where Taz and Miss M posted at exactly the same time wondering where you are. lol

I think Ninth abbreviated it to GAR. It's new. Smile

Ninth, I missed about 3 being your limit. Oops, I'm sorry about that... not really buuuut...

Thread drunk? lol I guess you could say that. Smile
Believe it was Steve who posted the picture temporarily, not sure whether it was self portrait or not

Ooooh, Taz is gonna LOVE that one Choo! Big Grin
You sick and twisted people asked for it so back by popular demand .this photo of Choo clearing a pathway through Piccadilly Circus with his trusty snow shovel!
Believe it was Steve who posted the picture temporarily, not sure whether it was self portrait or not

Ah yes Choo I was trying not let the cat out of the bag but you did force my hand!

Welcome back Pete, yes it was page 55 that Miss M and I posted asking about you at the same time. Post was at 12:57 Am Auctiva time

EDIT: This post has been edited to protect the NOT SO INNOCENT
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No not this work of modern prose, I mean the thread about the tedious number of times we have to calm new users nerves when all thier listings evaporate when eBay do thier pull all listings anti-fraud check.

And by tedious I mean it could be avoided, by a warning from Auctiva before the event. I, like you folks will step in and happily calm the latest victim. Smile

edit - like to think the casual passer by will hunt down the snow fairy, this thread is full of memorable prose and situations.

So come all you casual viewers jump in if you dare, what you got to lose, sanity, maybe, joins us in the charge to the second millenia of replies Cool (even if it is to correct my smelling), there I go again Wink
Jeff what is the possibility of creating an advisory board with input from Active Community members? I believe a brainstorming session would greatly improve our ability to be pro-active members of the site.Possibly a private invitation type of forum where ideas and input could be freely exchanged back and forth without less seasoned input if you catch my drift?
I understand the cost and time implications involved in setting this up but I believe the overall benefit to the site would ultimately pay off in a better user experience and bottom line for Auctiva.

I had posted this in the thread about Auctiva and never got any input from Auctiva. (Or other Auctiva members for the most part)