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Miss M, the banishment is only if you're proven sane. You aren't, are you? Red Face

Dudes & dudettes LOL I say that sometimes being silly, and bless your heart... all the time. I grew up in the Permian Basin and when there's little more than a sprinkling of snow, it's horrible with the way people drive. Ice... forget it! Give me a front wheel drive and I'm good to go. I found where it's telling about the different elevations so that's why I asked. Smile

Glad you don't have to get out in it Ninth. I'm here, just fingertips away. Wink

Awww, Miss M doesn't care. Of course she'll be threatenin' to get that hose out 'fore ya know it! Big Grin That cookie recipe's near at hand too.

Choo, who's behaving themselves? We better set 'em straight real fast! lol

I'll leave ya'll to the whackin' now and go back to lurking around eBay, gleaning what I can. Smile Careful with those fires!
Miss M, the banishment is only if you're proven sane. You aren't, are you?

Obviously I'm NOT sane, since I'm still posting here Big Grin

cooking went good for once (at least for me)...I used curry in the baked chicken..FLAMING hot. I loved it, he didn't. Nothing new there Smile

As far as the sig, I'm pretty sure it's ok. We all have BC links, Pete has another link too.
I am actually contemplating a road trip to Texas by myself

Wonder where half way is... I'll go look! Cool!!!

edit... Holy COW! It's over 16 hours from here to there, or there to here. lol Somewhere in Missouri? I've been there once and it was sooo pretty.
If you're looking up Canyon, it's the one in Randall County. I don't know what's the place it gives for the Lubbock area even though that's only a couple of hours away.

Daughter has a wedding in June, so i couldn't feasibly go for any length of time till after that.

edit/edit... Or are you pullin' my leg? Roll Eyes
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I'm glad you did say something! Looks like Springfield, MO is really close to half way, 8:05 & 8:08. I must have more Interstate cause it's about 50 more miles that are covered in 3 minutes. lol Not bad at all!!

Sure there's lots to work out. We can just plug away at it and get there.
Yeh, it IS too bad Reno's so far. Wonder if there are any special, good air rates. hmmmm...

(if he knew we were coming he'd move)

Ya think? Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin Would you do that Ninth? Wink

edit: Taz is 14:39 away from there and Ninth is 24:48. YIKES! Eek
I don't fly well. I'd be ready for a whole keg for myself to relax! LOL
Yup, Ninth is ok here, and counting his blessings, as there are many less fortunate people out here that have really taken a hit from this storm. There was a levee break in Fernley, a few miles to the east, that flooded 800 homes and 4000 people, without flood insurance of course, being out in the desert. Then there was a 14 car pileup just a few miles from here. Anyway, the evening news has most of the stories, trees falling through homes in California, stuff like that. Typical winter stuff, nasty business.

I read that Taz is going on a date? Already? Way to go Taz! Eager eyes waiting to read the juicy news! Don't hold out on us now.

Misses S&M, (a new name!)(I told you that talk about group rates was kinky) you're planning a trip! Don't forget, you're always welcome to come to Reno. Miss S has to bring cookies though. And don't forget the secret ingredient! Wink
Whoo HOOOOO Miss S...We're goin to Reno!!
I think he's serious ??

Ninth you may just be surprised one day Big Grin
We're probably gonna go someplace---Reno is just as good a place as any (maybe better) Wink

Yeah, we're S&M, talk about DARKsiders.... Ooo Eek

You will OD on cookies Big Grin

On a serious note (possible only occasionally) glad you didn't get whacked too badly in the storm. (Leave that to us) It's 52 degrees here right now, which is never a good sign...usually bitter cold & snow follows.

Taz hope you're having a good time! You'll have to tell us all about it (at least the PG13 parts) Wink
Hi Ninth!

Thought I was here all by my lonesome (again). I'm just about ready to sign off..Geez, doesn't anyone work except me & Taz?? (kidding)

Big Grin YES it is possible to OD on cookies...Miss S has her super-duper secret recipe and I think I can safely say she'd dying to try them out on you.

BTW I don't think we're going to be hearing from Taz tonite Wink
Hi sweet peoples.
Sorry I missed ya'll tonight. Frown
Had some chicken noodle soup and chamomile tea and tucked in with a book and my snuggly furbaby. Woke up with a sneeze attack and here I am. Can't stay away from here. Could it be Ninth's intriguing eyes - all 1000 of 'em? Wink Now don't think I haven't grown rather fond of all of you! xo

Miss M, I'll go find the ?? over there. Hope I can help.
"I think I can safely say she'd dying to try them out on you." Can't imagine why you'd think that. Big Grin

Kinda figured Taz would be MIA tonite. Yippee for him!! Seriously Taz, I'm happy for you. Smile

Where'd Sexy St Pete and Choo go? Choo needs an S name. lol

Ninth, I'm thankful you're fairing well there. Savin' my super duper secret recipe just for You. Razz

Sweet dreams... or somethin'... all o' ya'll.
Miss M, did you see the reply on Is Auctiva All or Nothing thread in Getting Started? I'm curious to know whether it would work or not. Maybe someone that doesn't use the gallery could try it out? Smile

Went back a page. lol So Ninth, you really are kinky? Eek You sure you want us there? Big Grin
Come on Miss M, let's work out those details and head that way!
You think he's serious... Are ya Ninth? I'd sure love to try ODin' you on cookies... well, ya know. Wink
OH my you were BAD childun last night. Misses S&M. Leather and whips and chains and ODing on cookies in Reno!
I read that Taz is going on a date? Already? Way to go Taz! Eager eyes waiting to read the juicy news! Don't hold out on us now.

Ninth I have been on several dates since New Years Eve with my new lady friend ( too early to say the GF word)
Taz hope you're having a good time! You'll have to tell us all about it (at least the PG13 parts)

Miss M refer to above post and use your imagination! Big Grin
No, it doesn't. Just now tried it. It's a Java thing, I haven't figured out how to fix it yet. Can't find it in my programs, though it's in program files. There's no .exe file there. From control panel, installed it and it's still not working, nor is it showing in my programs. Wierd.

I only use FF for pics when it's no more than a few. It will go into folders... can't imagine why yours won't. Pics is really all I use IE for. I tried doing listings with it once and it was just soooo funky, I got right outa there. Big Grin

edit... IE told me I need Java to run it, in case you're wondering about that. lol It really is quiet around here.

edit/edit... Ok, that sounds clear as mud. When I look in programs from start, it's not there. It shows up in the control panel programs list. Is that better? Smile
edit/edit/edit... I'll reboot and see if that helps. lol I'll be back in a little while Taz. Gotta get a few things done. Thanks so much for your help!
Where is everybody else at?

I've been wondering that too. Smile Bet I can guess. lol

I've reinstalled everything and tried the shockwave too. I'll go try your link and I think it was in the registry I changed it where the letters were backwards on the driver. If this doesn't work, I'll have my computer guy work on it for me. Now I'm starting to wonder if I'm messing stuff up instead of doing any good. Red Face
Checked the wavemapper again. I tried doing the other thing on the second link and can't find the path to get it saved in the right place. I've got ShareBear and it works. Thanks for your help Taz. I'll just have it worked on and forget it. I can't believe it's been such a pain. I'm sure I'm missing something simple, or what would be to someone that really knows. lol I get nervous going into the registry.

You have plans tonight? Smile

edit... I took it back when I was in the playground. Darn if I know whether it worked before that or not. Maybe I'll do that. I'm just pretty frustrated with it now, so am gonna give it a rest. That doesn't mean you have to stop tossing ideas my way. Wink
Tech support has a computer in front of them that tells them what questions to ask and then gives them a solution or solutions to try.
I am trained as a Computer Network Specialist but do not work in the field!
I freelance a bit working on PCs by referral

EDIT: EEEEWWWWWWW! I do not like Vista one bit. I like my 3 year old HP with Windoze XP on it Smile
Hi all. Just checking in again. Miss M, Lady Friend , Victoria's Secret , Nicole all one and the same.
No juggling going on, that was in my younger days.
Still trying to figure out how to introduce when we go out? My daughters friend my girlfriend. I told her tonight I was going to introduce her as my FB and maybe eventually she could progress to GF. LOL Big Grin
She just left to go home a few minutes ago. We watched Home of the Brave tonight.
No I would not do that to her, we were discussing things over dinner tonight. Several things came up one of which is how her parents are going to react to our dating. Her mother is 2 years younger than me. Eek
We are just going to take things as they come and move slowly. I told her I do not just want to jump headfirst into another relationship this quickly.
but also told her I would not date anyone else. HMM almost sounds like GF??
OK, I heard (read) that! Here I come back to the thread after a short absence only to find myself being accused of lurking! Eek No slack! Actually I just woke up from a long winters nap. I sure have been dreaming of cookies a lot lately. They sure were tasty, I did not want to wake up. (Alas, too bad they're just dreams.) Miss S, listen to Miss M, do NOT take it personally (or else you'll get a whack). Wink

Speaking of 'Yum', Taz, glad to hear your life has taken such a quick turn for the better (to say the least). Better watch out for those parents though, could be tricky. Wink Is her father a good shot at a running target? Better limber up. Wink
Good morning all! Sorry not been here over the weekend, been a bit busy, not least with playing with my son - he got a Playstation Eye Toy for Christmas, which he is now playing with as he is better, and wow, he won't stop! He keeps badgering me to do 10 pin bowling, Assault course, etc! Good fun actually Big Grin

So, I see Sid and Shirley are still at it, so to speak Roll Eyes

Taz, how did you get on with your date? Wink
I started July 4th when I was 18, using cigarettes instead of punks when we ran out. My parents were there and my sister and brother in law gave them to me. That's how my Dad quit, cold turkey, when he was 39 or somewhere in there. I was a wee tot. lol I've tried, years ago. Wish I had that kind of will power. Frown

Yes, absolutely close enough. Wink

edit- Hi Pete. Happy to see ya.
Still at what? Smile

edit/edit- I did quit when I was pregnant. Nothin' to it at that time. I was such an idiot to start again! Bad!Bad!
"I do hope so."

I have the same questions. Like I said, strange way to communicate. It's like walking a tightrope, no? Like talking in code. We seem to get it figured out ok. (more than once) Wink

edit - you still haven't told me about France. Hint?

edit/edit - I get it, finally (who me dumb?) Nope that's someone else. My ebay ID is completely different.
More than alright. I rarely go to the casinos, and never to gamble, only to go to the restaurants now and then - great places to eat but can get expensive. I do like to dance but have been out of the club scene long enough to not have a favorite, just rock, no mosh pits thank you, never liked them, even back in the 80's in San Francisco, when punk started in North Beach, I thought mosh pits were weird . Don't dance quite as hot as I 'think' I used to. Oh well oh well, not 20 any more.

edit - "Actually, I know part of the second ??". No, 50's is not my favorite (if that's what you mean). I think I could definitely get caught up though.

edit/edit - "It's in my head now... really, it's on the headset." You keep editing, I'm falling behind!
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Mosh pits started with punk rock back in the early 80's. I mean dudes jumping up on the stage and hurling themselves in to a crowd of zonked out freaks literally smashing into each other. Fun huh? That's when R&R started to get weird for me and I no longer could relate to a lot of it. Punk rock was just the start.

You're right, my 16 year old daughter (started late) calls me a geezer. I keep having to keep her straight on that one, at the same time I like to play along, but she knows I'm not(I hope).

Ok, what's a 'punk'? and what's on the headset? Help me out here. I must be slow.
Good that makes three of us, because I definitely know it too, not a question in my mind.

I know about those kind of punks. and I kind of thought you meant Berlin (GMTA) but wasn't sure. When you hear that song do you really think of dancing? Not me. Wink

Best you don't talk enough. We don't need to spell everything out. Miss M's going to whack us pretty hard as it is. Wink
Go back and watch that 'Top Gun' scene again. ol Tom and Kelly weren't exactly dancing (in the literal sense anyway.)

Of course we don't deserve it, but we just don't get any appreciation for our subtlety and restraint. Rodney Dangerfield used to say 'I just can't get no respect! (I'm going to have to find some new smiley faces, they don't give us enough choices.)

edit - they'll get theirs someday, from their own kids

edit/edit - Actually dancing sounds very hot, now that you've managed to implant that in my wee little brain. Wink
Oh I know they weren't, yet they were...

What do you mean, we don't deserve it? Big Grin I do wish we had more choices for smileys. I need to put the links in a notepad though for like last Thursday and wanted that rotflmao one so bad. lol

The oldest is already realizing this. And she can't believe 30's right around the corner either. Youngest doesn't have kids except her li'l furbaby.

Yes, it does, doesn't it. Wink
That's up to Taz, some say "you're as old as the girl you feel" (at which point I will duck when the girls come on line again, but remember girls you can replace girl with boy if you wish Wink perhaps that's worse, ok I had better keep a low profile for a while)

Personally I think that when you both get older it is best you both disintegrate at the same time and rate as you can understand each others biodegrading predicament Big Grin

Let the viewers judge, not me, Taz must have a lot of energy bit like his avatar.

Good morning,afternoon,night Ninth Smile

edit - with view ratings like this thread has there may be a Tv soap opera contract in the offing !
Grrr, don't mention reality TV, hate it Mad

An excuse for cheaply made programs, populated by big egotostical no brainers gabbing away about anything that will get the ratings up without being sued, e.g. Big Brother.

And far worse Celebrity Big Brother the master class of no brainer yap.

You and the rest of us aren't that bad, surely not, any viewer want to comment Eek

Good luck at the dentist, like the visits worse than reality Tv despite having an excellent dentist.

I'll pop in again later Smile
Hi, well to find out what all this carp is about I suggest for homework you read pages 1 to 10 and follow it up with research on the "snow fairy" and 1001 things to do with a hose.

A quick review of the last 10 pages and away you go barmy as us, if you are from the USA, "Have a nice day, missing you already" Roll Eyes or from the UK, "ta-ta for now" or anywhere else "bye" as I got plenty work to do, believe it or not Big Grin

edit - Just noticed USA country don't show up on the e-mail notification, early start unlucky you Frown
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'Morning to everyone..

Ok. Shadeaux & Ninth,
I GIVE UP *sigh* What am I gonna do with you two! All the edits (and I'm sure deletes) I can't even figure out what you're talking about...except for cookies of course Wink

Hi kbalona!
Glad you stopped by! This thread definitely went farther than anyone ever thought and has gotten crazier every day. Sure you will fit right in Big Grin Pls post more often Smile

I feel so bad for you...the dentist is a fate worse than death (shudder). My teeth are perfect now, had them all capped years ago so they're super low maintenence...don't need no stinkin dentist Eek (You all know I don't like needles)

Pete & Choo, where you guys been?? Especially Pete...been ignoring us huh? Shame on you!! Wink

Oh man it's 63 here today in Chicago in January--we're really gonna be in for it now!
Hi Pete,

I know what ya mean 'bout being busy...When all this started I was on vacation from work (but snowed in for a few days) and apparently Taz was off too. So it's a little harder to post lately but I still keep trying Smile

Next month I'll be REALLY busy getting hundreds of auctions ready to start ... not looking forward to that, hate taking the pictures! I shoild peobably start now & do a little at a time, but that's not my way Big Grin

~I really can't spell this morning Big Grin
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Hello all just got caught up on the shenanigans of last night. Ninth and Miss with all these edits this thread is getting more confusing than ever!.Dentist trip was awful 6 teeth pulled!
Pete great to see you back again.
Thanks for asking on the date situation I had a very good date and a better evening Saturday. Victoria's Secret is always good.
This post has burgeoned so much I cannot believe it! Should hit 1400 posts by tomorrow at the latest and will easily hit 11,000 hits.
Gee I recall not long ago we were wondering when the 1,000th hit would register.
Do have to agree with you Ninth the mosh pit can be rather senseless but when I braved the pit I was a bit out of my senses anyway. These things will happen when you drink a half pint of rum mixed with a 20 OZ Pepsi before going into the show.
Well I am going to try to get a bit of rest before my face starts throbbing again.
Where have I been ?, practically nothing in my intray to start the day with, virtually on my tod handing out home work for Kbalona to catch up on all this carp. The cheek of the fellow/gal. Wink

I take it Kbalona is a well known mischief maker like yourselves Pete and Ms M Smile

edit - oh well looks like another quiet night again, I'm off to snooze ....
Greetings to everyone - Taz, you've got to be kidding. Six teeth? Whoa, it's a good thing you've got a new sweetie to give you 'aid and comfort' to take your mind off it all. I thought you might be talking a little funny. Sure those mosh pits don't have something to do with it as well? They have been known to knock a few brain cells loose.

And no, we absolutely kept our fingers off the delete button. You don't think we would actually write something that had to be deleted do you? No no no. Besides, the edits alone should be enough to keep folks confused, even us at times, right Miss S? Wink (We must be doing pretty good if we can even keep Miss M confused, maybe it will save us from the hose?)

Bye Choo - seems like we keep passing each other like two ships in the night, what with the 8 hr time difference and all. Pete too.

Kbalona - Crap!? Hey this is quality stuff. 10,000+ viewers can't be all wrong. You're comments are certainly welcome though, just adds to the fun, keep them coming, and anybody else too. Smile
Dare I ask??? VS, my mind is racing with all kinds of twisted connotations of those letters.
Ninth actually talking fairly well, but did take the day off work. I like "sweetie" sounds better than Lady Friend and not ready for the GF thing so Sweetie it is.
Brain cells still seem to be pretty intact if just a bit re-arranged. Cool
Originally posted by TazFromPA:
... my mind is racing with all kinds of twisted connotations of those letters.

I just bet it is, even after Miss S explained. Even though your brain cells were temporarily rearranged it seems they have quickly realigned themselves. Wink

Yes, we do manage to get it figured out...
('I GIVE UP' sounds more than a little rhetorical to me, wouldn't you say? Just wait.)

edit - Have fun at the Dairy Queen. Wink
Sweetie is nice, Taz. Thank you! Sometimes I only make sense to me. Big Grin Ninth seems to figure out what I mean though. Smile

Sure it's rhetorical. No way could Miss M really mean that. lol No tellin' what we'll get since it'll turn to steam soon as it hits us (I like that LOL). Those posts there are a perfect example of me getting confused. I did it, not you. Don't know WHAT I was thinking. Wink

edit- oops Ninth, didn't mean to sorta repeat what you already said. Roll Eyes