HI everyone. I recently began listing on Ebay again after leaving when the huge store increase happened a while back. I am running into a couple of problems I was hoping I could get some help with here.
When using Internet Explorer, Auctiva freezes when I try to upload a picture. So, I switched to using Auctiva on Firefox. On my laptop it works great. On my desktop, I keep getting slow script warnings when I try to make a listing. Any ideas as to the cause and how to fix it?. I prefer to do mu listings at my desktop, but with the slow script warning continuosly popping up, it takes a lot longer than it should. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Thanks member. I forgot to mention that IE does not work well for me regardless of which computer I use, my desktop, my laptop, or my mother's desktop. They all want to freeze up when I get to the uploading pictures part. But, my laptop and my mom's desktop work fine on Firefox, just not my desktop. I am sure it is something simple like a setting or someting, but can't seem to figure it out.
Hi just saw Ms M's post in the lounge, a common problem that exhibits this effect is uploading excessively large image files, how big are your's as you rarely need images larger than 800x600 for use with supersize.

Some users have been inadvertantly uploading multi-mega byte images which take a long time to upload and somewhat longer for Auctiva to shrink.

Long uploads can be disrupted by internet glitches compounding the problem.
Sounds like a good idea, I have worked in software for some years and, if you have a reliable solution stick with it, life is too short to sort out exactly why, too many variables, buggy software, programs and updates to updates . . . Smile

If I get FF to work faster for on line editing I will use that and stick to IE6 for uploads. "Horses for courses" as they say.

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