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Instructions for using forums say to clicking on "register" to participate. I have spent the better part of three hours looking for the word register. I can not find it. Somebody please tell me where to click on register so I can post and/or reply on the forums. Many, many thanks. A most frustrating experience.
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I should have explained in my first post that The Lounge is the only place that will allow me to post. The Help menu tells me nothing. I need to get on the board in the Community Support Area. An instruction says that my Auctiva account will not work there and that to participate in the forums in that area, I must click on "register" in order to participate. I cannot find "register" anywhere. I have been all over Auctiva, searching every drop down menu, scanning every Community Support page, and cannot find the word "register" anywhere except where it says I have to click on "register". The word is not linked and I can't find where I'm supposed to click on register. I have had this problem before and cannot remember how I finally got on the boards. I have emailed Auctiva and have not received an answer. I need help and support desperately - I can get no help from eBay and cannot get on the Help boards here. Help!
Hi odzplayer,

To register for the Auctiva community forums, please click the "Login/Join" link at the upper-right of any community forum page. Then, check the bubble next to "I am not registered on: Auctiva Community" and procede with the registration steps.

Once the registration process is complete, you will receive an email containing a link to confirm your registration and, once you click this link, you should be able to fully utilize the Auctiva community.


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