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Sorry if this is a repeat but when I did a search I got old 2006 Q&A's.

If an original listing started with Auctiva, does it matter if I relist with Auctiva or Ebay? Obviously I know I can with Auctiva, but if I try and relist it on Ebay will it save my Auctiva templates and relist exactly as it was? and give me a credit if it sells?
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Hi Queenie -

Two important facts about relisting through Auctiva:

1. Items relisted through Auctiva will be eligible for reimbursement of eBay relisting fees according to eBay rules and regulations

2. Only items relisted through Auctiva will show as such on the Closed listing page. Items relisted elsewhere (e.g. on eBay itself) will not display relisting information on the Closed listing page.

So, you can relist through eBay but it doesnt get imported into your Auctiva account. Depends on whether that is important to you. An item relisted through Auctiva will be identical to the original you started with.

Hope that helps!
Hi Queenie,

Just to add to Cara's post, when you relist through ebay it will display the listing exactly as it was the first time you listed. However, if you have made any changes to your "seller details" profiles since you first listed ebay will not pick the changes up. You are better off relisting through Auctiva.

Personally, I like to relist my listings from my saved listings page so that I can make minor revisions and schedule them for a later time to coincide with new items that I may have going up.


Thank you ALL for responding. The reason I ask is because I hate jumping back & forth from Ebay to Auctiva and if I'm already in Ebay I was hoping to relist my Auctiva Unsold items from there.

So, let's say I have an original Auctiva listing with the purple tulips template and there were no revisions. If I relist through ebay it would show the tulips, and the exact listing as before, right? And it would recognize that it was a relist so I'd get credit if it sells. I think, according to your answers, that is a YES. Smile
Hi purrcats,

You are absolutely correct. The relist credit only works from the closed folder not from the saved folder.

I'm sorry, I should have commpleted my thoughts. The reason I relist most of my items through the saved folder is that I will tweak them with photo changes etc. and then schedule them to list when I need them to generate traffic to my ebay store. I can schedule them 3 or 4 weeks ahead and then I have the time to create and list new items in my store that will benefit from the auctions when they go live. Since you only receive a credit for the insertion fee and not the upgrades like gallery, the .20 or .30 is really only .10 or .30 if I have to pay ebay .10 to schedule. At this time you can not schedule from the closed listing folder as they post immediately but I believe that will added in the next phase release.

I apologize for not being more clear on that.

Yes Queenie,you are completely correct in your understanding. Ebay will relist what they have stored on their system from your original listing. Just remember that the credit is for the insertion fee only not the fees for any of the upgrades you might have added such gallery photo, bold, border etc.


I have the same question Jan. I tried to relist something in Auctiva but it wouldn't let me revise it, so I said to heck with it and just relisted through Ebay. How do you uncheck the Gallery photo in Auctiva? I wasn't able to do that unless I relisted through Ebay. Also, I already know that you have to revise your counter through Ebay since Auctiva charges for a counter. But why doesn't it save that? When I relist something from Ebay (that originated from Auctiva), it saves everything else (my template, all photos, etc.), but not the counter. I still have to revise AGAIN saying I want the counter ON. Roll Eyes
Yep, really. I think "generating a Sellathon account" just gets the sellathon counter attached to your auctions. I may be wrong there. But anyway, register and you get a free month to check out all of Sellathon's features, and then if you don't want to sign on and pay for their extra features, the counter through Auctiva's lister is free. I've never paid a cent!

Where did Terrence go? We need him! Smile You wrote,
You are absolutely correct. The relist credit only works from the closed folder not from the saved folder.

How the heck do you get it to move from the Saved to Closed Folder? When I click on the Move pulldown menu it only says move to "No Folder" or "Imported listings". I don't get it. I've made my revisions in the Saved Folder but since I can't relist it from Saved I have to somehow transfer it to the Closed Folder in order to relist it, right? Anyone? Roll Eyes

One day, I promise I am going to devote a couple hours to the tutorials. I just don't have time right now.
Hi Queenie - I'm not really sure you can make your revisions that way, ie transfering a revised listing from "saved" to "closed". What you can do is relist first with the unrevised listing from your "closed" folder, then you can make revisions in ebay in the usual way, if you have revisions to make outside the template area, or minor changes within the template.

If you want to make major changes in the template area, or even the template itself, you can cut and paste the HTML from your revised Auctiva template in your "saved" folder to your old template which is now in ebay. Here is a post that should make this clear and show you exactly how. It is quite an easy process.

I hope this gets you where you want to go. Good luck. Smile
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Deleting a gallery photo is an example of something I would do in ebay after you relist. Ebay doesn't charge for changes unless you are adding features, I don't think you would be charged for deleting a feature.

The cut and paste process I mentioned is only to revise items in your template, or the template itself. ebay won't charge for these changes either.

So, to revise items outside the template use the ebay "revise your listing" page. If you revise these items in Auctiva (deleting gallery, for example) you would have to post the entire listing as a new listing, and thus lose your insertion fee refund.

Option: I've sometimes found it to be simpler to just make all my changes in Auctiva, post it as a new listing, and just forget about the insertion fee refund (it's not that much unless you have a lot of listings). Something to consider if it results in less hassle, more simplicity, and time saved. Either way works.
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I think I am more confused now than I was when I came to ask my question. In Ebay I have always changed the description of my item (as if I said baby basket, and I changed or added some more things in it). Anyway, in the relist process we have the option to make changes. When I tried to do it last week as soon as I hit relist my item listed. Then I had to cancel it, which can be even more expensive? Is there a way to make the changes or is it set up so that if we say we are relisting then we better be relisting exactly? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
Hi - At the present time there is no way to make changes to a closed listing from within Auctiva before relisting it (unless of course you wanted to repost a whole new listing, and lose your ebay refund). Whether you relist from Auctiva or from ebay, any changes must be made to the relisted auction on ebay's usual "revise your listing" page. This situation may improve with Phase II which is to be implemented in stages starting this month.

Hopefully, we will also gain the ability to schedule a relisting from within Auctiva rather than having it post immediately when you click RELIST. Currently you can only schedule a relist from within ebay(at a slight extra charge of $0.10) As confusing as it can seem, the previous posts in this thread may give a more detailed discussion, or confuse you more --- feel free to ask as many questions as you need to. Somebody on this board will have the answers and gladly help out.
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hi there 1moonlady!

no! you will not be charged for the "extra" pictures. you will only be charged on ebay for the gallery feature, if you use it, and any additional pictures you post on EBAY DIRECTLY!!!

adding additional pictures here on auctiva is FREE!! because auctiva hosts' the pictures for you, you are not charged on ebay.....only for the gallery option if you use it....all the extra pictures (2-16) are FREE!!

when you "relist", if you are NOT directly uploading pictures on the ebay pages themselves, (again, aside from the gallery option), the pictures in your auctiva template are FREE because they are hosted outside of ebay!!

this is just one of the many AWESOME perks you get listing here on auctiva instead of on feebay!

now, not to confuse you, if you are relisting but perhaps changing the item to something new to take advantage of the "relist" option...make sure you create the listing here on auctiva and simply COPY the HTML and paste it in the description section on ebay. swap out your gallery photo if you use, and voila, new listing with the option of getting your fees back if it sells.

just remember not to increase the price on the new item as this will negate the "relist" option and your new item will not qualify for the refund.

hope some of that helped and didn't confuse you!

kathleen Big Grin
oh duh! i should've read the earlier post....

the earlier post regarding the .10 fee is when you are directly on ebays site doing the relist...the .10 fee is for the schedule option to post the listing at a later date....because whatever time you start the relist process, your listing will post automatically...and depending on what time you actually want it to go live might be a different story. so my suggestion to you to save on the .10 additional fee would be, don't start working on the relist until you actually want your item to go LIVE.

hope that answered your question...i guess ignore my last

kathleen Razz

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