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The Other day I wanted to add buy now to one of my items, so I clicked REVISE, as I’ve done many times before. Straight away it asked me to sign in again, even though I was already signined. I don’t remember Ebay asking me do that before?
Probably it’s just my imagination, so after is sign in (it takes 2 attempts, it won’t sign in first time) it takes me to REVISE page. Once I’ve finished with my revision, I click CONTINUE at the bottom of the screen. Small box appears -
You have chosen to open
which is a: Application extension
What Firefox should do with this file?
Open with ddlfile (default)
Save to disk

This file won’t open with any software and I don’t get why it appears in the first place. Because of it I’m now unable to revise my listings, because the REVISE page will not go any further unteal that is sorted.
I’ve just registered with Auctiva few days ago, although listing wasn’t done with it, auctiva adds Strolling bar to every listing. I suspect it has something to do with my problem. Note I also use Firefox, which I’m pretty happy with, but then again I might not be compatible with something.
Thanks for taking your time to read this and please Help if you can.
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I'm using firefox and i never had this problem. Although I did have a lot of problems editing listings and getting signed in a day or 2 ago, I assumed just a high server load.

Ebay quite often asks you to sign in to edit a listing if you haven't already entered a password in that session.

Although it remembers who you are from one session to another, it only actually asks you to confirm it when doing something on your account, editing a listing, making a new one etc.

Sorry I can't help you on the dll problem though

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