I'd like to move the scrolling gallery to the bottom of the descriptions on existing listings. I have already changes the preferences for this but how do I move them on the existing listings?
If I manually delete the html code, will the listing automatically be updated with the gallery at the bottom?
Thank you.
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Hi, I don't know if, once you remove the html code, that the gallery will be put back in your active listings automatically. I know you can paste it back in at the bottom manually if it doesn't. You might want to ask their customer support folks about that, they would know better than I would Wink
Having the same problem - did you manage to get a solution to moving the scolling gallery to the bottom of your imported listings? We've been looking at the HTML bulk edit option too.

Reading the help section states the scrolling gallery should be added to the bottom anyway, so not sure why it has been changed to place at the top of imported listings!

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