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I enjoy the scrolling gallery service so Thank You.. BUT
Every time I edit a listing for ANY reason, the scroller posts as a block of HTML code with the Auctiva link in the middle of the code.

This morning Ebay REMOVED one of my listings that had 5 watchers in part due to the "jibberish description" according to the Ebay CS rep. He even accused me of plagiarism via "Copy & pasting" a description from someplace/someone else!

When I pointed out this was Auctiva's coding & that this happened whenever I edit a listing, at times taking DAYS to right itself, he told me to "call them" and hung up!

How can I fix this? Now I have to go through all my listings to see which have this HTML issue, individually and remove it! UGH!

Is there a way to prevent this from happening?
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Hello Pikaboicu -

We are not aware of any issues on our end that would cause the gallery code to show as HTML in your listing descriptions as a result of editing an active listing. Please be sure that when you are making your edits you are using the description editor in Standard mode, unless you are proficient in editing the HTML. If you are editing elements of your own description and are only in Standard mode, there should be no means to bring the HTML of the gallery in to the description area of your listing.

If you continue to experience difficulty with this, please feel free to file a support case from under the Help tab of the site letting us know some listings where this has occurred and the exact steps you are using when making your edits and we will be happy to assist you further.

- Craig
Thank you for the reply Craig..
Sorry for my late response~ I had watched the post for a couple days & then figured nobody was going to respond.
I appreciate you taking time...

I haven't edited any listings lately but next time I do, I'll surely report it to help.
The steps are as follows:
From the listings own page or in standard: Edit, I add a photo or lower the price, click to save the edit.
I didn't touch the written description at all & yet it's encompassed by the HTML for the scroller.
I am familiar with html, that's how I knew immediately what the issue was- I used to admin several large forums & a 3-d chat site so I have a decent grasp of coding, however, I wasn't editing anything in that area.
What happens is the scroller disappears and only it's coding is posting to the listing after an edit..

Anyway- when it happens again, I'll report it.

Smile Thanks again.. Pika

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