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I have contacted support a while ago about this and they said they would have to get their engineers to look at it. But I thought I would ask here is case I am doing something silly!

A lot of the templates that I try - particularily those with a image in the top corner, corrupt along the top. I have an example here:

Any ideas?

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Hi cybernetuk,

Thanks for contributing to our forum. We have indeed received reports of this nature with respect to some of our templates following the released of the latest versions of some browsers and our Design team is working to address these template issues as we become aware of them.

I have confirmed that we have logged this issue with the “Rapunzel” template in our system and, although I am uncertain when it may be resolved at this time, we will update you through the support case you filed on the subject when any additional information becomes available.

If you notice similar behavior with other templates in our library, please contact our Customer Support team directly to let us know and we will make sure they can be addressed as well. We apologize for the difficulties.


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