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Hi - anyone had a problem with items not listing because of template issue? Had notification few days ago went to redo today and got same notification on same item and one on totally different category and template. I know it says select another template "UNTIL RESOLVED" but obviously liked template I chose and do not want to remember to go back to them later to just asking if anyone else is having this happen.

"Auctiva has encountered an error with the selected template. Please select another template until this issue is resolved."

Auctiva, is this temporary issue or are you discontinuing some templates??? If they are discontinued then perhaps that should be put in failure area so we know it is not temporary problem. Auctiva if you want to see items they are still in notifications (though did change on of them today just to get it done)

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Hi lookandbuyme,

Thanks for helping to bring this issue to our attention. I reviewed the API errors you mentioned and was able to find that the one you received with respect to the collar occurred because due to an issue with the “Pet Supplies” template that occurred recently when some details associated with the template were updated.

If you open up the saved listing for this product, select the “Pet Supplies” template from the “Select Template” interface again, I believe that you will then be able to post the listing successfully be attempting to post or schedule it again.

I am unable to tell which template that the other listing had selected when the errors occurred, but I have a feeling that error was most likely a result of a similar problem. If you try using that template again in the future and you receive the same error, please let us know and we will look into it further.

Thanks for your help.


I just went and tried to do that but that template is no longer shown under PET or PET SUPPLIES or dog.

Here is last listing which I used it so you can see what the template looks like:


Here is the last post for the dress, not sure if that helps since I do not see name of the template but when I listed originally I probably would have put purple in search box, it is no longer there either.


Now maybe I am totally overlooking these as it is getting late here?

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Hi lookandbuyme,

Thanks for the clarification. I was not aware of the complete details surrounding what "change" to the template led to this error when I wrote back to you before, but the links to the previous listings that you posted from these saved listings helped me get a better idea of exactly what led to these template related posting errors.

These listings were originally posted using the templates called Pet Supplies and Purple Dots respectively but we ended up having to change the images used in those templates so, while template still exist in our library under these names, they have a different appearance than you see in the listings you posted using these templates in the past.

We periodically have to re-design templates in our library for a variety of reasons, but we are typically able to do so without causing posting errors of this nature so something did not go as expected when these new designs were rolled out.

Unfortunately, the actual template designs that are visible in the previous listings you mentioned are no longer available in our template library. However, you should be able to find the new versions of the Pet Supplies and Purple Dots templates in our library by searching for them by name.

Thanks for that information....

Ok....Guess, I just need to get bold and ask my original question again? As I feel like a dog chasing my tail with this. I just do not get the time wasted by myself and auctiva beating around the bush. Of course, I am paid by what I list, time is money in ebayland.

OK so here goes:

* Are these templates still available or have they been removed???"

IF they have been removed then I find this notification inaccurate and deceptive and dishonest to say the least. As well as a time waster.

"Auctiva has encountered an error with the selected template. Please select another template until this issue is resolved."

This led me to believe what it says here are parts I am referring to: "ERROR WITH TEMPLATE" **** "PLEASE SELECT ANOTHER TEMPLATE "UNTIL" THIS ISSUE IS RESOLVED" ( "RESOLVED" being keyword here)

IF template is no longer available and is not coming back, don't you think that should be put on the notification? That would be a more honest answer?? As I waited days and days to relist thinking it was error with template and would be fixed. I had no reason to think the notification was not accurate.

As far as "NEW versions"?? The Purple Dots one you sent me to has been around forever, it is NOT new by any means. The dog one is no longer on there at all??? (yes, there are other dog ones but I was asking about this one)

Here is link to listing for the pink one that I was told is NEW? that I have used for at least a year in this and other listings.

Auctiva...JUST say it: "We have discontinued these templates."

It is easy, it is simple and really does not require wasting my time or yours? OR other people who may get same error. I just do not understand why I am sending links to get to the point. . . it takes not 1 not 2 not 3 but 5 notes to get to the bottom of this...when 5 words would have done it???

Please tell me that this much time has not been wasted on this simple question???

Thanks for an honest response and possibly changing your wordage on notifications so others do not go through this either via support or community.
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Hi lookandbuyme,

Yes, the specific template designs you have asked about have been discontinued. I intended to communicate that in the last paragraph of my previous reply to this thread, but I'm sorry that was not adequately clear. Thank you for your feedback surrounding the error message that was generated based on these circumstances.

Thanks again. . . . I am amazed at how many notes it takes to get this across and & links sent on my part sending links to get to point. Most of which could easily have been found on my closed listing page by putting in item name and clicking on previous listing. Yes, your last note did indicate that they were discontinued, however, it also mentions a "NEW VERSIONS" which are not new and are sure NOT versions of the one I originally used? They are old templates with no visible changes. I have been using those forever so they are not in face "new versions" as mentioned.

However, again as previously mentioned, the wording used in notification, is deceptive and untrue and sure would have saved me a lot of time, and waiting to relist items? Again to ebay sellers time is MONEY. There is NO way that unlisted items can sell. Would also probably save others from running around also. I find am shocked at the wordage on this and it really should be changed so we know that it is discontinued without ever asking? I am sure this will come up again unless changed. Frankly once this is over, after a few months I would probably forget it and ask again.

At this point it is not the templates being removed at all, it is the running around trying to get to the bottom since the beginning notes did not say this at all...(unless I am missing something)

Thanks again for the help.
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