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Folks there may be a good solution to finally getting all what us sellers need... a real competitor to feebay.... and this makes then both ...the competitor and feebay do sellers RIGHT no matter how tricky they are....

people can form groups of over a 100 and list as one store in one umbrella site but this site has to have a name other than bid or auction in it which turns off so many..and a name that can easily be remembered only 2 wagglepop and blujay.... but wagglepop has all the buyers need the auction mode too where people gets in a hurry to come back to check their interests cause some may be ending.....

ummmm??? with a showcase store on wagglepop it costs 40 dollars a month.... and when clicking on showcase stores and clicking the top one .. the one with the most listings shows up first... silver charms and it shows she is getting pretty good sales.... and she has only 792 listings...but i think a store needs to keep that one bid thing off of it like she mostly does.....

One gets unlimited listings that are placed in froogle .. and in auction mode........Since we all need ONE competitor which would make both feebay and this new competitor do sellers right....all off ebay sites should make a mega store on wagglepop and make it a showcase .. at just 40 dollars . that includes the bidville items.. yahoo items.. overstock items.. ecrater.. blujay and all the rest... ALL in one mega store on wagglepop...... there are only 2 names that could take off with the public one is wagglepop and the other blujay... but blujay does not have the auction mode that many buyers need to go along with their stores.... so this one where all the rest should go to is wagglepop......this would limit the store fees that wp would get BUT this would make a site with maybe 5 million listings and fast as a competitor to feebay..

spread the news.. folks this is the BEST way.....heck maybe each of the 100's of auction sites could have a separate store here... or all in ONE megastore...

wagglepop has the easiest and most prominent search boxes for a buyer to see as soon as he clicks on then put in a search for ones interest... this interest brings all the items in all these stroes up .. bidville items.. yahoo items... overstock items....ecrater.. blujay and etsy.. and then we really do have a competitor....someone could operate this mega store within wagglepop...for a fee...bringing in all these listings...

also 100 or so people can form a club and this club could have all the 100 peoples listings up on wagglepop in one store.....

maybe someone copy and paste this on the PSU board someone is trying to get people to go and build 1 or 2 sites...... this is a very good way..

also i think trading assistants all over soon will stampede to wagglepop and the showcase store mode
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look at these fvf fees..

sale price .. upt to 1 dollar sale ...03..1-2 dollars fee ...05
4-5................ .20


with this ..people who begins an auction with a penny won't be hurt no where as bad if it doesn't sell.... all this means sellers will lower prices and buyers will get better deals here...

there is tremendous good thinking in many areas of WP site... very few weak thinking.. which means the future can really be great here..

AND GOOGLE can fiddle all they want and LOSE !!... THIS Wagglepop and the prominent SEARCH box .. the great name .. this can be USED as a shoppers search engine BOX in itself!! people who want to look at items and to buy.... they can go to google.. then LOOK for froogle then click there.... then put a search in for one sinterest... OR they can go to put in a search directly.... yes people can remember amd go to there and put in a search for ones interest.... would be the same 2 step process to see the list... BUT with wagglepop one can see the items ending and rotaitng FAST makes for a person to come back fast.. and also they have the auction mode....

so froogle and google and search engines COULD indeed lose out to a site like wagglepop as the umbrella for all auction and store listings... wagglepop becomes a SEARCH engine for these auctions and store listings...wagglepop is a name just as good or better to remember and get excited over as froogle name..

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