THE single most effective pricing plan i ever employed, which resulted in FAST BIN purchases, and SECURE and PROMPT payment, was to set my start bid at one cent lower than the BIN price, with Immediate Pay option ON.

eBay has since decided that they would get MOPE MONEY by making me mark up my BIN by 19%.
What this has lead to is absolutely NO BIN sales and slower closes and uncertain payments

SELLERS are drive more and more to the Fixed price format for the opportunity to sell NOW and get paid NOW, even though the FVF are excruciatingly higher.

thje only emtity benefitting from this is FEE0Bay.
The seller suffers.
The buyer suffers.
The integrity of ebay suffers
byt the new CEO get fat on the elevated fees when some seller is fool enough or desperate enough to use Fixed Price format, of willing to look like a crook with a BIN jacked up.

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