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yes sell-thru rates are good to check.... but profit is the ultimate thing to when ebay use to have free list days.... my sell-thru dropped like a rock BUT my profit soared....

here is a link to check wagglepop's weekly total sales..

....right now wagglepop's stores count is dropping some....part of this is the big rush off ebay when the price increase was announced and they saw few sales so their month or 2 has ended and they saw few sales and they are moving on..... BUT people should know the buyers will not come until there is enough inventory....and also people will start seeing how they can go in together on ONE store instead of many... paying one store price for a million listings is alot cheaper than paying a thousand store prices..... SO this will be what wagglepop will face later....HECK i think the ASM group could have their OWN store in there with one price... maybe make it a showcase store......all the different members have items...paying maybe one dollar each per month... I think WP with how hey charge sellers will make for FEW stores... BUT GIANT MEGA STORES... some with thousands and thousands of listings... and with this then WP will only be getting money from the fvf fees .

also one seller to keep check on .. in order to see sales and sales trends is SILVER CHARMS LIQUIDATORS..... she has 493 feedback in about 6 weeks time and gaining speed....

the SITE itself is set up about the most buyer friendly out there... presents all items in a quality and valuable manner..and has a name that can be advertized in many different ways and where the public could catch a feeling with...

i think i saw something about them saying no advertizing and maybe never .... BUT i do not know if that really came from WP or from WP misdirectors or haters....them saying this would make for alot of sellers to leave.. IF wp says 10% or 20% of revenue taking in WILL be spent on advertizing and then SHOW where this advertizing is... then sellers would flock there....

wagglepop... blujay these are the sites that has both the name and the buyer enjoyment to have the potential to really grow and become a real competitor to ebay....bidville shows some good stuff for the buyer enjoyment BUT the bidville name makes people think of a village of bidders .. and a name that cannot be advertized with feelings in different ways..

right now ... yahoo auctions could work since i think they elimnated the credit card requirement for buyers... and they do have a million listings but the potential for big time competition to ebay is not as good as blujay and wagglepop..

blujays owner is slow but really good...really uses good logic with his building of blujay....and that in itself may be what is needed.... ecrater's owner is faster but does not think as well ...confusing feedback and weak washed out site....heck one with bad eyesight cannot even use ecrater....

I hope the wisdom of blujays owner will think of a way to get money from the blujay sellers and USE this for advertizing .. and have it where the sellers KNOWS where this money is going ...and the other thing is blujay find a away to make an a similar wp site with the WEBSTORES as one part and the short term listings as the other part... the short term listings where the items continue to come up about to end is what alot of buyers like... and makes for buyers to KEEP COMING BACK to see what is about to end....

and again the other thing for sellers to work on.... POLITICS and GOVT.... sellers will STAY shafted until politics are done right!!!

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