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Ebay is only doing these things to further tighten the noose on exclusivity.

They want to exclude other methods of payment. 3rd party developers. Other auctions sites. Certain sellers.

Ebay is feeling the pinch. They are attempting to reign in all the open diversity that was allowed for many years. Their constraints are being applied to every aspect of the affairs of their business.

They do not have you the sellers interest at heart, only the buyers. As a seller they want you to jump through hoops and over hurdles to make it in their new system, only to llok good to the buyer. Mess up and you are rated down and possibly out. They now give you all sorts of guidance with little yellow warning flags that you are not conforming to their image of a good seller.

There is not much alternative to invest into. Currently is just shy of 1/3 the size of ebay auction pages. Behind them is You can track all the sites available with this

I hope that Australia stops Ebay in their tracks and this cascades back to America with Lawsuits to open up the availability of other payment portals with Ebay America, the land of the free. Paypal has it merits, but is not the only ballgame in town.
Further it is descrimination against a seller with lower DSR's than one with higher DSR's, simply because they both paid the same price to have an auction listed side by side each other.

Further discrimination is to give power sellers primary location and listing/sold item fee discounts for listing more, selling more, having a higher gross bottom line and getting that discount for it over the smaller seller with far less listings.

What do you think?

Ebay is not a contest, but a business venue that should treat all sellers with the same courtesy for their money like other similar auction venues.
Hey Folks, I'm an Aussie and I'm FUMING!! Mad
If you want to see the reaction by the Aussie sellers (and some buyers) regarding the Paypal only changes in Australia and the feedback changes, go to our community forum on
We are mad, people and I mean REALLY mad!
Aussie's don't take kindly to having their toes stepped on or someone trying to pull one over on them!
We will fight the Paypal only changes & keep fighting. We have got our ACCC involved (Government body for fair trading etc) and we won't back down!
Go Aussies!!!
Come help us fight everybody, because we're their test case! If these changes work in their favour, then they'll implement them in other countries too! U.S. will be next, then Canada and so on!!
Go to your eBay chat forums & start screaming. Let them see this is a worldwide fight!
We all came together for the feedback changes, lets keep doing it over the Paypal only changes!
Aussie's need your help!

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