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When I signed up for the free trial I was asked to link to my ebay account, which I did. Why was there no warning at that point that the scrolling gallery would be added to all my current ebay listings.

I signed up only for the trial, am still unsure whether I will continue with auctiva and there is a possiblility even if I did that I wouldn't have added the scrolling gallery to any of my listings so why is it added automatically without having to agree to it.

I now have a load of listings with the gallery frame with colours which do not match my shop or listing colours and I will now have to amend all listings if I want to get the gallery off them.

Surely that should be something which I should have to agree to and not just have it go on my listings without any prior knowledge.
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you may have turned it on and didn't know it or Auctiva may default to it being on.

you can turn it off by Hovering over "MY Account" (upper right hand portion of screen) and in the Settings section Click on "Acct. Preferences" Look down and just below Listing Enhancements you'll see options like the below Turn them on or off as you see fit. Actually the only one I have turned on is the Scrolling Gallery but that is personal preference. Failing all of this if you still have problems Hover over the Help (upper right) and file a Help Desk and File a Support Case)
=>end Auctiva Scrolling Gallery to my listings:
==>Append BuyShield Warranty Widget to my listings:
==>If eBay category is not warranty-eligible, append BuyShield logo instead:
==>Append Sellathon Counters to my listings:
==>Sellathon Counter Type: Visible or Hidden
==>Append Widget to my listings:

as listing places go this is the most reasonablely priced but there are pros and cons with every site

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