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I had a non-paying bidder; she did not respond. I waited 8 days and went through UPI, she never responded. She ended up getting kicked off eBay.

She emailed me twice, asking me to accept her money and remove the strike.

Now, I got an email from PayPal saying that she paid for the item. And then another note from her, asking me to send them item and remove the strike. I don't know how she was able to pay!!! What did I do wrong?

I don't want to deal with her, so I'm planning on sending an email telling her that the item is no longer available and refunding her money.

Does anyone have a better idea of how to deal with this, before I go through with it?


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Do you think she paid from an old invoice? Go to your history and see how the payment came through. She might have just sent you straight money not connected with an invoice.

You can decline the payment..easy as all get out and I would recommend you do that as fast as you can.

That customer is nuttin but trouble for you. Or for the next seller if she gets NARU'd.

Give Paypal a call and see what the up and up is?
We once had a customer who gave us the run around forever with sending a money know all the excuses they come up with! Roll Eyes We ended up going through the UPI process, and she still kept saying that she would send it. When the time was up, we ended it and gave her a strike. Money order showed up in the mail, POSTMARKED 2 days AFTER we closed the dispute! So we returned it with a note that we could no longer complete the transaction, as we had already received our credit for our final value fees from eBay and could not complete the transaction outside of eBay, according to their policy. Never heard back again.

Sending back the Paypal payment is what I would have done too. You may never hear back from her. Just make sure you add her to your blocked bidders list in case she ends up getting allowed back on eBay again. And I always keep things on a professional level and be as kind as possible. Last thing you need is for someone to be angry and come back to eBay with a new ID and cause trouble for you out of spite!


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