Is there a way to send bulk Your item has Shipped emails with clickable Tracking Number ? Ebay has deleted our method of doing customers and complaining and I cannot find a way to do it on Auctiva.

If this is not available on Auctiva, it would REALLY be helpful.

Thank You
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I know there's a way to send emails in bulk, but not sure what "kinds" there are. You can customize them to say whatever you want, but don't know if it's possible to include the tracking numbers and whatnot. My customers do get a notice emailed automatically from ebay when I ship their package, so I wonder why they deleted your ability to do that too. ? Unless you don't ship thru ebay or paypal?
Hi - you can go under sales create new and they have what is available. I am under impression you can change them, you just need to remember which title you have each under. (you can change content, just not title if I am understanding correctly.)

LOVE IT - ebay did away with this because "buyers" were complaining about too much communication. Strange part is we are NOW graded on DSR on their COMMUNICATION or LACKTHEREOF!! My understanding is ebay has deleted your ability to do almost anything. (except make changes to your listings over and over) - ha!!

They now send feedback reminders too which I also HATE and several buyers have let me know that "I" should not send them. First I feel if someone want to leave they will, simple. If they do not, then so be it. (it has actually hit point that I wish people would NOT leave feedback period - because they assume 3 or 4 stars is good and that 5 star is if you sell it for 99 cents hand deliver it to their door and then refunded their money.

It also stirs up international buyers when they do this, as it does not give them enough time to have received most packages unless they are overnighted. They assume they should have it and get a little restless. Some have gone off on me for sending reminder. . ???

Good luck

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