Auctiva's eBay Solutions

Brief description of recent software releases.
Last Post: May 31st, 2017 - Release Notes
Discussion of what you should know before getting started.
Last Post: inserting a photo
Discussions about Auctiva's eBay Listing features.
Last Post: Unable to specify domestic AND international returns on listing form
Discussion related to the picture hosting service.
Last Post: Images & Support Issues - We're working on it!
This is the place to discuss templates, share your custom auction templates or help others who are trying to create their own eBay templates.
Last Post: Anyone else not liking the new Templates & Formats??
Discussions about the Auctiva Scrolling Gallery and Auctiva Emporium.
Last Post: My scrolling gallery is not working on my old ebay name
Discussion related to shipping: Shipping Labels, Shipping insurance, or any other shipping related topics.
Last Post: Padded Priority Flat Rate envelope
Discussions about Auctiva's eBay Consignment software features.
Last Post: Drop Shipping
Discussions about Auctiva's Inventory functionality.
Last Post: Inventory not replacing items back into inventory when not sold.
Discussions about all aspects of Auctiva Posting and Management for eBay sites outside of eBay US.
Last Post: UK Income tax on eBay sales?
Tell us your suggestions about our products and services.
Last Post: Image adjustments
Discussion related to the new features and things not listed above.
Last Post: Training Videos...
Discussion related to the new web based relisting service
Last Post: Ebay listing will not stop listing, Ebay worked on diligently, said its Auctivas that continues to relist it
Discussion related to the new feedback service.
Last Post: New Supersized Image Page--Feedback Needed
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