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Reply to "10¢ Fixed Price Listing Day Tomorrow November 8th"

Originally posted by Jean:
Will someone please tell me how to post a FIxed Price listing with Auctiva? If I just check the "Buy It Now" box, it estimates my ebay fee as 5 cents, and I know that today its 10 cents. Ebay wont give me that rate if I post a regular auction style listing and then revise it.

Good afternoon,

Buy it Now costs .05 extra with eBay. The original auction may be a charge of .10 but eBay charges you blind for every single thing that you add on. And Buy It Now is an add-on. Just as if you wanted to add a Gallery pic for an item..that's an added .35 cents. Giftwrapping another..what is that dang charge? Twenty five cents.

Feebay...errr..I meant eBay charges for every single extra.

I hope I'm not confusing you!
Blessings, Donna
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