Reply to "2015 Suggestions"


A big issue is the photo quality. Auctiva reduces the photo quality to save webspace.

However, the photos are essential and the quality should not be reduced that much.

At first I thought that my camera is the problem. Then I realized that the pics are much better on flickr.

I started adding flickr links to my listings as the pics on flickr are far more crispy.

Sad that this is an issue. A number of high-res photos is one of the key features auctiva provides. But the photos should be at least as crispy as on flickr where I pay a minimum amount of money per year and can upload as many pics as I like....

And I am not talking about huge pics but pics in a size of e.g. 1500x1200, 400-500kb.

Please improve that! Thanks!

Best regards from Vienna,

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