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You need to fix the 400 pix limit on imported Ebay listing pictures and import the original picture.

No one else has this restriction. It is extremely time consuming to have to upload all new images so listings can be relisted.

If you are not prepared to do this (and I have no idea why nothing gets done about it) offer 2 free months so people that want to use Auctiva don't waste time and money for fixing images and have no time for new listings.

This issue was brought up as early as 12/15 by someone else and still nothing done to fix it. You don't even have the courtesy to post this information on your web site.

I now have over 1200 images that have to be uploaded due to Auctiva's program not functioning as it is supposed to.

I am seriously wondering if Auctiva is worth it any more. What was a great program at one time, seems to have gone seriously down hill over the lasdt few years.

Hopefully someone with some power will read this and my open tickets and resolve this issue.

The boards are extremely dead and I wonder if Auctiva will survive with user base dwindling.
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