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Reply to "7 hour listing delay because of indexing!!?!!!!!!!!?!!!!"

Hi. I read on one of the eBay boards about the scrolling gallery causing a delay. I started out not using it, then used it, and now have it on some and not on others depending on how I feel at the time. lol No difference in index time, so that's not it.

Every single auction takes 8-12 hours to get "indexed" with only one exception. I asked on the Auction board what it has to do with Auctiva and was told to come and ask here.

So I guess it's just perfectly "normal"?

I know when it gets indexed, it does show up in newly listed at the top. I didn't know for how long until reading it here. My problem with that is with the end time when I want, it shows up in the wee hours of the morning. I've tested it with listing earlier, settling for a not-so-desirable end time, just to get it seen. Sure enough, the watchers and bids come at what I consider ideal times... the actual time I'd like it indexed as well as ending.

So if we want it seen in the evening, we get six evenings when paying for a seven day auction. Frown

Such is life, I suppose. I still don't like it.
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