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Reply to "A Message from Bill Cobb: Resetting the Balance of the eBay Marketplace"

Actually you have this URL too:

That may be easier for people to remember or type in. We really need to let people know they have a URL like that, we're working on that now.

We also may be giving you a url like: or

We're working on those as well, is that something you'd like? Is there one you prefer over the other?

We're also working to templatize our stores so that you will be able to use your template in your store and it will look a lot more professional. I don't want to give up all the goodies, but we hope to have revamped our store feature in the next 6-8 weeks. You wont be able to list items there yet, but that will probably come as part of our phase 2 release or shortly after that.

Thanks Jeff;

I would like to see this kind of store you are working on as a stand alone type store. In otherwords not a site with pages that are in actuality, ebay auction pages, or ebay store pages, although I think a link feature for those that want to do this would be appreciated.

Myself I would rather construct new pages of items for sale and these be google effective by having the ability to use head tags on the site or some form of simplification of tags. The cart to have the ability to use google pay as method, as well as paypal, etc. Hopeful. I suppose, we just take what we can get as an offering on auctivas part.
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