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Reply to "Active Content"

Hi Roger Baughman,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this upcoming policy, and YES we're here to help.

If you aren't already aware, come June when this policy takes effect, all listings will still be live and purchasable on eBay. The only thing that will change is if your item description contains active content, that piece of the description will not be shown/will not render. eBay explains this if you would like to confirm.

Auctiva's Scrolling Gallery and View Counter are now completely active content-free and 100% compliant with the Active Content Policy, so now all new listings posted to eBay contain the Auctiva, active content-free Scrolling Gallery and/or View Counter(if your account preference is set to yes that is).

If you have older active listings that contain old versions of the Auctiva Scrolling Gallery or View Counter, we're going to automatically upgrade those tools to the new active content-free versions for you, for free so you don't have to do that work. And since you've already updated your token with us you will get the auto-upgrades. Smile

You can learn more about the auto-Scrolling Gallery upgrades or auto-View Counter upgrades in detail if you'd like.

And currently some of our templates do contain active content–but not all of them. You can use eBay's test tool (you'll see this tool when viewing your eBay item description) to see if the Auctiva template you're using contains active content. Please note, we are actively developing new, active content-free and mobile-responsive templates right now which we expect to be available by April.

Please let me know if you have any more questions or concerns about this, I'm glad to help.
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