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advertising ideas for your online stores

PLEASE ADD your ideas to the list!

Promoting your store and making it popular in internet is not an easy process and it takes time. Here you can find some basic suggestions:

1. Submit to search engine directories

* google -

* Froogle - we submit all products to Froogle so there is no need to post your website there

* yahoo - browse through yahoo directories - and when you find appropriate directory click on the link "Suggest a Site" (at the right top of the page)

* msn -

* dmoz - browse through dmoz directories - and when you find appropriate directory click on the link "suggest URL" (at the top of the page)

2. Join forums

Forums are a great way to achieve links to your website. In most forums you are allowed to have a signature and in your signature you can put a link to your website. But another important note to look on is making sure the forum is somewhat related to your website. You will still get credit if it's not, but if it's related to your website then you will be accomplishing two tasks at once.

3. Google Adwords

Google Sporsored links are another excellent way of promoting your web site. They are paid but the good things are that you get "quality visitors" and that you pay only per click.

google adwords -

4. You can use the link below to list in many free non-reciprocal SEO Friendly Directories

5. Another link containing many free web directories

6. Create a blog. They're free and you can put anything you want on them. For a free blog;

7. Provide a link to your store in your e-mail signature. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a link. People will click on it.

8. Get a domain name - redirected that domain to your store. Advertise that domain name.

9. ebay ME PAGE link --- Do not link on auctions or store ads, that's not allowed!

10. Put logos on Tee-shirts etc with your URL. Wear them to events with tons of people, even just to the Mall or grocery shopping!

11. Include your URL in every package you mail out!

12. Get a yahoo360 page and connect it with other sellers and yahoo groups! FREE

13. Get a MSN Space - FREE
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