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Advice from Meg

Did anyone see this post on the eBay Stores Forum? Here's the link so you can see how the conversation started.

Doesn't seem to add up, does it?
Peace, Donna


From Meg:

Specifically in the U.S., we rolled back search functionality that increased exposure of store inventory in core search results. We hoped this rollback would address the growing imbalance between core and store inventory listings. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. In fact, the imbalance was amplified during the quarter as our sellers positioned their listings for the launch of eBay Express in the U.S.

So an hour ago, we announced to the U.S. community important steps to encourage sellers to direct more inventory to core listings and restore balance to the Marketplace.

First, we are refocusing our marketing to drive buyer demand to traditional core listings. Stay tuned for a variation of our fun and successful “It” campaign during the back-to-school shopping season.

Next, we are increasing exposure for core listings in eBay Express and will be advantaging all core listing formats over store inventory listings.

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