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Reply to "Advice from Meg"

Originally posted by Daddyo:
Been gone the 3 days since my computer died. So I bought a new 2.5 gig computer and refired fire fox and now back online and starting to cruise at lightening speed.

Thanks for the constant info on this Donna.

It does stand to reason that ebay has the ability to control various aspects of their internal venues and set up what gets displayed and not displayed. It also stands to reason that they would set things up to display 25.00 and higher had weed out all the 1.00 items. Imagine the meg. space these kind of stores eat up. Ebay the huge search engine can speedily redirect searches to the new returns it wants customers seeing and potentially buying.

Again thanks Donna on the vacation info.

Ok..New Computer? WOOHOO!

Yep..already on the eBay Stores Boards someone mentioned that the indexing appeared highest to lowest in each category by default. That hasn't always been the norm for far as I can remember.

There's much going on in the background and I can't wait to see after the big selling season is over how everything plays out and who will be left. I have heard on other sites that the Big Dogs will be pulling out. I'm not so that was rumored was Sharper Image. I don't know bout that..they mostly sell their refurbished items via their eBay I don't know if they'll give it up or not or add a new section to their domain to sell refurbished. (I didn't check they may already have it so why not cut out the middleman with eBay)

Let us know how the reindexing goes for you.
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