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Reply to "Advice from Meg"

Originally posted by Suthrnjewl:
Originally posted by Westvatexan:
I dont know, maybe Im

Well, since you're asking!

I'm getting scads of hits from your site..Don't know if it's bringing sales, but your sites bringing in hits.

Hope my site is doing the same for yours.

Well, I am glad to hear that Donna. Yes I have have been getting decent traffic for a new site since about 5 days after I started it. Ive already had one sale and I also had my fist sale from the ecrater "thevintagestore" the other day..I was shocked because I havent promoted it at I know they enter you into froogle automatically so I guess it came from there.

I dont know how many visits your site has brought me yet..I do not have that type of tracker installed yet. But I do have tracking on the links on my site so I know how many people have clicked your link. One thing I will say is that linking to your site has definately improved my search ranking. I have been diligently looking for some low cost decent advertising, no luck yet!

I have also been choosing link partners wisely..I am trying to get category specific links. So I have been refusing alot of people wanting to link with me..I know it will take longer to build my links thus longer to build search rankings..but at least they will be the right kind of links...and not links to some roofing materials site...lolol

If you know of any low cost people out there that will take care of doing the advertising for me..let me know..I just dont have that much time to do it so Im willing to pay if its cost effective. I can do it myself..but I would rather not..Thanks!! Wink
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