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Reply to "Advice from Meg"

Duh!!!!!!!!! Just figured out something....

In store inventory, the new listing fees:

Up to $25.00, 5 cents listing, 10% FVF

$25.01 to $100, 10 cents listing, 7% FVF.

So...its kinda a waste to list items from about $18 to $25.01, actually costs more in total fees than items priced over $25.01.

Also there is this statement below the chart:

"Please note that for current listings, the new final value fees will apply only after these listings are renewed."

Now does that mean the old FVF will hold for listings already on EBay before Aug 22 - like Aug 21?

Note Ebay's link to the "fee changes overview" is not working as I write this.
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