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Reply to "Advice from Meg"


My first inclination was to close my store before the first of August.

But after much debating back and forth..I came to the conclusion that I'm loading up my store through 11:59pm August 21. And will let those ads rock n roll until they end.

At that point all of my auctions that are under $25.00 in my store will be no more. It's not cost effective.

I haven't decided what I'm going to do after September comes around. Close store or keep it open.

I COULD keep it open for the cross selling purpose and categorization along with only putting into my store items that are above 25.00. With the holiday season coming upon us and eBay's selling time bumping to high gear...
15.00 bucks for a store isn't much in the scheme of things.


I MIGHT close up my longest running store out of four eBay IDs and just run auctions.

Who knows? All I know is I'm not bending over for eBay. <smile> Nothing less than 25.00 gets put into my stores if it stays open.

If you have a store..load er up with the old fee's staying intact until midnight of the 21st.

My Best,
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