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Reply to "Allocation Of Auctiva Storage Space???"

Hi @eastcoastbits

I'm sorry to hear you're facing some difficulties as it relates to our Image Storage, but thank you for reaching out to our community! Here are a few ideas that I hope will help.

If you view the Image Hosting Overview page within your Auctiva account you'll see your Usage Breakdown, which will display your "Current Usage" and your "Peak usage this billing cycle".  If you're deleting images from the Auctiva Image Management page, you should see the "Current Usage" decrease, but the "Peak usage this billing cycle" will remain the same until the next month's billing cycle.  Unfortunately without taking a closer look at your account it's unclear why you're not seeing an increase in your image storage space as you delete images.  I would suggest you contact our Customer Support Team as they'll be able to take a closer look and provide additional assistance. 

Additionally, the Image Storage space available is different depending on which plan you're subscribed to.  If you'd like more Image Hosting space you may want to upgrade your plan.  You can see all of our plans and how much Image Hosting space is available here.  And lastly, if you do not want to upgrade your plan, you can continue to upload new images and in the case you surpass your subscription Image Storage space threshold, you'll be charged $9.95 for an additional 500MB if you're subscribed to an eBay Only plan, and $9.95 for an additional 1GB if you're subscribed to an Auctiva Multi-Channel plan. 

I hope this helps, but again if you continue to face difficulties please contact our Customer Support Team and they'll be happy to take a closer look. 




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