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Almost in our new house - closing was today!!

As some of you know, we moved a few months ago from Buffalo, NY to Charlotte, NC and have been living temporarily in a 2 bedroom apartment while looking for a house. Well, we FINALLY closed on our new house this morning and will move in on Saturday! YEAH!!!! Our twin 3 year old girls are excited to get their own yard and the community as a pool and playground too.

I have to say though that this process of closing on a house is NEVER a dull one! Our mortgage processor was a NIGHTMARE..she kept screwing up our paperwork over and over again and it was still incorrect as of last night when she left for the day. But it was finally worked out before our closing at 9am this morning. So then I had to call and switch over our utilities, which went fine, but we had to find a new phone carrier because we could not transfer our existing service. So I cancelled our service yesterday and told them to turn it off on Saturday...THEY DISCONNECTED IT YESTERDAY!!! Not a big deal, but we have family coming down from NY to help and luckily I have my cell phone to stay connected but trying to make closing arrangements using a number that everyone has that is now not in service is fun. Oh did I mention that our family from NY called to say they are having car trouble?? Eek

I have been so stressed out and not sleeping well, that last night was awful. Besides tossing and turning all night, I finally got to sleep and woke up to cats fighting outside our building. Then our alarm clock did not go off and it was raining like a monsoon out that we got to closing late. YEEEESH. I am just glad it is we just have to move everything and just pray we can afford the new place (I know we can but you know that uneasy feeling of the unknown you get when you move into a new place??) Smile

Well, thanks all for letting me vent. I just hate this kind of husband is the banker and so he knows how this stuff should work and does not sweat it. ME? I am a a social worker, this stuff is greek to me and I feel like I am just signing my life away.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and a wonderful week!

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