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Anyone here in law enforcement?


A while ago, someone broke into my car and took a CD. That was all. Big whoop. No damage to my car, and I even found the CD in my neighbor's yard. So there was no loss. I called the police, and they came out and took fingerprints.

Last night, my husbands new bike was stolen. They had to move my bike and several things from our porch to get at his bike, so I thought they might be able to get a good print. They also left bike tracks all the way from our porch to a garage in our condo complex.

We called the police and they are doing (essentially) nothing because the bike isn't worth much - only $250. I gave the report over the phone and they wouldn't even come over to our place.

I'm guessing this must have something to do with the resources and the money/time for them to take and analyze fingerprints and come to our place to look at the bike tracks.

But I'm confused as to why they would use the resources for my no-loss car "vandalism", but not for the bike. Can anyone help me understand this situation?
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