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Originally posted by Suthrnjewl:
I'm not having any problems with speed and Auctiva. What browser are you using? I find IE sucks. <smile> Opera and Mozilla <snip>

I assume you were replying to me (?), except I don't recall mentioning any problems. FWIW I presently have IE 6.0, Opera 8.02, and various Geckos: Mozilla 1.5, Firefox 1.0.7, Netscape 6.2.2 and Netscape 7.2. I use them all, every day. Everybody who writes their own hard-code HTML and CSS should, to make sure the greatest number of customers are presented with a well rendered listing. BTW, all of them have their quirks, but I have no particular problems with any.

Yep, I agree on the cable. However, it doesn't do my customers any good, unless they have it, hence fast-loading is, to an extent, always a concern of mine. Thus far I've looked at several Auctiva listings and didn't see any speed problems at first blush, but I haven't tried on a dial-up yet.

I'm pulling out of SD for the same reason. It's funny, though. Many people, myself included, felt that SD suffered for a long time because $4.95/member/month wasn't enough to be able to afford programmers and support. Now, here we are migrating en masse to an outfit that is free! Oh well, life's too short not to live it in the fast-lane.

You have to wonder how Foo Dog (Shooting Star) survives. I wish Auctiva would buy them out. I'd pay good money to see that.

As far as SD's new-found speed, I think Tt's post above is correct. I thought SD's pic hosting had come back up, but as I now see, it hasn't.

Glad you're happy here. I think it's bad luck to be happy, myself, but I look forward to being satisfied, too. Oops. I just blew my cover. Now you know. I'm really Mick Jagger.

Hmm. Too bad they don't give ratings out for rambling on. I'd be an Admiral. Sorry.
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